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[1.7.10] Using Another Mod's API


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I know this has been asked before, and maybe I'm just too brain dead from lack of sleep, but how exactly do I add in another mod's api functionality?  Where does the .jar go?  Or the .classes?  I don't want the api included in my mod, I just want the functionality there if the mod is installed.

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Depends on the mod you want. Some ship a dev jar, some have a maven repo. Regardless, you need to specify the dependency inside the build.gradle.

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In order to do it in Eclipse, simply add a folder called "libs" (or anything for that matter) and right click it and say Build Path -> Use as source folder. then, in the mods directory, add the mod/api you wish to use. finnaly, get the source code of the mod (or use a program such as JD-GUI to get it) and put the decompiled source into the libs folder. make sure the source files are NOT compressed, but rather in extracted directories form. now, go to your build.gradle file and add this to the dependencies section:


compile files("mods/ModJarName.jar")


Note: the above code MUST be used whether you are just referencing the mod or you are doing a dependency.


you should now go into eclipse and right click the libs folder and click refresh. you can start using the data from the other mod/api! if you are just referencing the mod and not using it as a dependency, always make sure the relevent mod is actualy present before referencing it's resources, to make sure of this, create a variable in your main class called:


public boolean isApiModLoaded;


and in your postinit, add:


isApiModLoaded = Loader.isModLoaded("modid")


and whenever you want to access the mod's resources, just use an if block with the isApiModLoaded variable to make sure that the mod is actualy loaded, if not you will get an error. if you wish to make a mod a dependency instead of just referencing it, add this to your mcmod.info:


"dependencies": ["modid"]


and add this to your @Mod anotation:


dependencies = "required-after:modid"


in case it isn't clear, the variable doesn't have to be called isApiModLoaded, you can name it whatever you want. additionaly, if you want to use multiple mods, add more sources to the libs directory, and add more entries to the build.gradle. if you want to just reference them, just add more variables in the main class. as for if you want more dependencies, in mcmod.info use:


"dependencies": ["modid1","modid2","modid3","etc..."]


and in the @Mod anotation:


dependencies = "required-after:modid1;required-after:modid2;required-after:modid3;required-after:etc..."

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Okay, so the API I'm using is Waila.  I got the api and everything working just great.  The only problem, however, is that when I go to build the mod with Gradle, it says that it can't find the Waila files.  I have the API files in the Lib folder and I wrote "compile files("mods/Waila-1.5.9_1.7.10.jar")" under dependencies in the build.gradle file.


Got any ideas on why my build is failing?

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Wait, the api is supposed to be in a jar?  I'm so confused now.  The guy before said to extract the source into the .lib folder and turn the .lib folder into a source folder.  Also, I tried setting it to the .lib/api and it still refused to build.  Couldn't find the files.

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Just put the mods API in


, and it will automatically compile it with your mod.

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you need to:

- add compile files("libs/Waila-dev.jar") to dependencies of your build.gradle as previously stated

- put Waila-dev.jar in the libs folder

- run/re-run the setup commands (both the workspace and IDE)

- open project with IDE and Waila will be able to be referenced from your mod


the only reason you could want the src is if you are having an issue and need to debug, which means you will need to attach a Waila-src.jar to your Waila-dev.jar in your IDE

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Lib folder

"compile files("mods/Waila-1.5.9_1.7.10.jar")"


Try telling Gradle to look in the place you actually put it (hint: libs is not mods).  Adding it to src/api/java means that WAILA will end up inside your JAR

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Sorry that I caused so much confusion. what I was saying is that you put the compiled jar in mods, and put the uncompiled source files in libs.


EDIT: this is the way that I have been doing it. looking back on it, that doesn't seem like the best way after all :/

If I ever say something stupid, or simply incorrect, please excuse me. I don't know anything about 1.8 modding, and I don't know much about entities either, But I try to help when I can.

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