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Modded Forge Server not functioning properly


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My forge server with custom modpack launches and runs just fine, but commands are directly being reset, biomes and mobs from mods dont spawn and it is not possible to use/drop/place any items from mods. Vanilla features appear to work fine, it is possible to hit vanilla mobs and place/destroy blocks. Google and other fora didn't turn up anything relevant. Everything works perfectly in the singleplayer Forge client.


Mods installed. There is no chronological order, since I copied them all at once from my client directory. Every mod was installed by simply placing the .jar/.zip in the mods directory, except for the 'Flan's mod' source packs, which had to be placed in a separate map called 'Flan' in .minecraft.


1. Forge Modloader for 1.7.10

2. Too Many Items (2014-07-15)

3. Damage Indicators (3.2.3)

4. Bibliocraft (1.10.4)

5. Buildcraft (6.2.6)

6. Mo'Creatures (6.3.1)

7. CustomNpcs (for 1.7.10)

8. ExtrabiomesXL (3.16.2)

9. Flan's mod (4.10.0) (Modern pack, World War 2 pack, Simple Parts pack)

10. Pam's Harvestcraft (for 1.7.10)

11. Industrialcraft 2 (2.2.733)

12. Milleonaire (6.0.0)

13. Rei's Minimap (for 1.7.10)

14. CustomMobSpawner (3.3.0) (core mod for Mo'Creatures)


Latest server log: http://pastebin.com/LRjrAjbR

Latest client log: http://pastebin.com/tPTK43fB http://pastebin.com/BL4PivKn http://pastebin.com/AnRNtEdc (split due to file size)

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