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[1.10.2] Check if singleplayer and get the player


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I have been asked to provide a config option in a mod I made some contributions to.

It's a replacement of the food system of the player, done at EntityJoinWorldEvent.

When the player disable in-game via GUI the option, it should revert back (or apply if it was off).

This only happens in single player of course, else players could have different systems on the server.

I subscribe to OnConfigChangedEvent, but I do not know how to check if it's a single player world anymore.

Then I'll need the (single) EntityPlayer to revert my changes.


Any idea ?


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- You can use event.getEntity() to get the player.

- You are running on the client if e.worldObj.isRemote or if e instanceof AbstractClientPlayer

- You will have to cast the entity to EntityPlayer


If you want to get the player without the event and you're sure the code is running client-side, use Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer


Edit: to check if single player (and you're sure the code is running client-side), there's something along the lines of Minecraft.getMinecraft().isIntegratedServerRunning

catch(Exception e)




Yay, Pokémon exception handling, gotta catch 'em all (and then do nothing with 'em).

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- You are running on the client if e.worldObj.isRemote or if e instanceof AbstractClientPlayer

Client != Singleplayer. Singleplayer still has a server running in the background.

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That still doesn't tell you if the player is playing single player.  It only tells you that you're on the client (which can be playing single player, open LAN, or multiplayer).

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if (!world.isRemote) {


My basic understanding is that calls only on the Client side if false.

It calls on the server side if false()l!world.isRemote this is server side)


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