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world.isRemote problem


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Hey, i am trying to place a block when interacting with a mob. But when i just spawn it using this code:

world.setBlockWithNotify((int)this.posX, (int)this.posY + 5, (int)this.posZ, MyBlock.block.blockID);

it places it, and when i reload the world, it's gone.

when i try this:

if(!world.isRemote) world.setBlockWithNotify((int)this.posX, (int)this.posY + 5, (int)this.posZ, MethyrBlocks.methyrFarmSide.blockID);

nothing happens (it wont even place the block) and when i try when the world IS remote, the same happens as doing nothing.

when i type:


i get two true messages.

Can somebody please help me with this, it's really annoying :/

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Make sure that you're doing it in code that will be run by the server, not the client

Protip: try and find answers yourself before asking on the forum.

It's pretty likely that there is an answer.


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In one of my blocks I have


public void onBlockPlacedBy(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4, EntityLiving par5EntityLiving) {
par1World.setBlock(par2, par3 + 1, par4, 3004);
par1World.setBlock(par2, par3 + 2, par4, 3005);


to place two other blocks directly above this block.

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Well you are only saying the lines of code and with the !world.isRemote it seems fine..

So where are you calling these lines from as mentioned above you need to call them inn a method the server reads at all.


It would probably help you get help faster and better if you provided more of your code for the action you are trying to do :)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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I know, I imagine once one knows how to get them into a method the server reads it will be really simple and it will all make sense.  But how, as laifsjo asked back in december, do we do that?


World world = Minecraft.getMinecraft().theWorld; returns a world object, but the method scheduleBlockUpdate() of this world object does nothing, so calling world.setBlock() of this would to place for example a block of sand does not schedule an update, so  the sand never starts to fall.


So, how do we get the server world. how do we call methods from our mod on the server, either a real server on another machine, or the local one started by the  minecraft client?


How do we write code that is called by the server? 





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I know, I imagine once one knows how to get them into a method the server reads it will be really simple and it will all make sense.


And it is, but it seems to be not said anywhere  ;D


Please correct me if I am wrong, but the code runs on both the server and the client, but not at  the same time,  see here (http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,7929.msg40041.html#msg40041) for my original post and imagine a lot of head banging on a desk and me saying "why why why"

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What does @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) actually do?


I had thought it meant the code only ran or applied to the client or server side of the mod. 


But in my block I have this:


public void registerIcons(IconRegister iconRegister)
	String tex;
	LogHelper.detail("Loading " + this.getUnlocalizedName2() + " rotting textures...");
	iconBuffer = new Icon[16];
	tex = Reference.MOD_ID + ":" + this.getUnlocalizedName2() + "_00";
	iconBuffer[0] =  iconRegister.registerIcon(tex); 
	LogHelper.verbose("Loaded " + tex);
	tex = Reference.MOD_ID + ":" + this.getUnlocalizedName2() + "_01";
	iconBuffer[1] =  iconRegister.registerIcon(tex);


Yet the log messages are being logged twice, so what is happening?  I am trying to understand what it does?



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