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lag, disconnect then world cant keep up :(


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Hi, im having a issue with my server (which i host on my computer) where it works fine for about 5 minutes then when i try to break a block, it breaks but doesnt drop anything (same with grass leaves everything even animals stand still and do nothing) it seems to only happen when i travel across the map, and it also happens when i play singleplayer. The server window says "Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?"  and on client it says timed out, on singleplayer it takes awhile then it says "shutting down internal server" then i have to kill minecraft using MutliMC:s kill button. the server has 4gb of ram allocated to it and the client has 2gb.


Thank you in advance for any help on the matter and excuse my bad grammar.


Client log





Server log



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As far as I know it shows up when your computer clock isn't right, but I don't think that's the problem, it happens to me when my CPU can't open a server and another program at the same time. But with 4GB of ram... Check if you're using the CPU at the 100%. If yes, that's the problem: the CPU can't hold a server (or a server and Minecraft at the same time)

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