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Will switching Forge versions fix these issues?


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So originally for my mod I was using Forge 1.14, but I keep noticing things are different or missing. Right now I'm trying to make a config GUI, and I look at tutorials but for some reason there are certain classes that I need to use that just aren't in my installation. People say to use the @Config annotation for my configuration, but that class is not in my net.minecraftforge package. My @Mod annotation also only takes the modid, but I was trying to find a way around the config annotation issue and saw that I needed to create a GuiFactory and register it with the @Mod annotation, but my annotation doesn't take anything else besides the modid. There are also other configuration classes that I'm missing besides @Config. This is becoming a real issue for me, and I'm running out of ways I can find loopholes and work around these missing files. 

Would uninstalling and reinstalling Forge 1.12 (the last stable release version rather than the latest version 1.14) fix that issue? If so, would I have to start from scratch again with my code?

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3 minutes ago, lizzyd710 said:

If so, would I have to start from scratch again with my code?

You wouldn't but you would have to fix a lot of things. A lot of names were changed and you have to register all your Item models yourself. I'm not sure if the @Config system is implemented but it probably is. Are you using the most up to date forge version?


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3 hours ago, lizzyd710 said:

My @Mod annotation also only takes the modid,

Everything else it used to take is now in the toml file.


Registration of things is also massively changed.This goes for nearly everything that was not already previously a IForgeRegistryEntry object (there used to be about 5 or so registries: blocks, items, enchantments, biomes, and one or two others, there's now 35 or so). Config stuff also changed, but as I haven't poked at them in 1.12 nor 1.14, I don't know what's different.

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