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Mods Won't Show


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I downloaded like 10 or so mods from CurseForge for 1.15.2, and when I go to launch 1.15.2 forge, none of the mods show in-game. I removed all mods from older versions of the game. I updated both forge and java to the newest version but it still didn't work. I get no error messages or anything. I've played with mods before on 1.12, but it doesn't work now

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Please provide more information: logs as described in the EAQ, a screenshot of your mods folder including full address bar at the top, and a screenshot of the installation settings screen for the forge profile in the launcher.


That should give enough information to figure out what is going on.

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How come all your mods are .zip files?

Mods downloaded from curseforge should come as .jar files.


And the debug.log should be in your .minecraft/logs folder, you may have to upload it to a hosting site or something and post a link here, they're usually large.

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6 minutes ago, Zipstie said:

I don't know why they are all .zip. That's how they were when I downloaded them. I can try to download again.

I figured it out I think; you're downloading modpacks, not mods. Those modpacks have to be run through the twitch launcher (initially) I believe.


6 minutes ago, Zipstie said:

Do you need the latest.log file?

I'd say we can hold off on logs, since I think I figured out the whole mod/modpack thing.

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There should hopefully be a debug.log file in the modpacks game directory, upload that somewhere and post a link to it here. (it's probably too big to post directly here)

I forget where twitch installs stuff by default, but I know they are folders for each modpack within  an Instances folder.

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1 minute ago, Zipstie said:

Have you downloaded/played the vanilla version of Minecraft 1.15.2?


I will be posting 1.15.2 modding tutorials on this channel. If you want to be notified of it do the normal YouTube stuff like subscribing, ect.

Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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10 minutes ago, Alpvax said:

I believe that isn't the case any more, with forge >= 1.13 (since the complete rewrite) unless something has changed recently.

Forge 1.13+ support has been fixed on the develop branch (which is pretty stable RN). In fact, that branch has (the startings of) a Twitch modpack browser!

Pretend my display name is "ADudeCalledLeo", please.

Discord: ADudeCalledLeo#8665

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