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  1. Recipes have been data driven since 1.12. If you want to develop a recipe system, it is highly recommended to go the datagen JSON system. The only edge cases is if there is some custom logic that is so specific that it needs to be represented in code instead of genericized down to JSON.
  2. The method still exists, it's just under a different name. Forge was originally shipped using the MCP mapping set; however, it switch to mojmaps as of the 1.16.5 RB. So, fields/methods/parameters have different names now (classes will too in 1.17). You can use the forge-bot in the forge discord or the Linkie bot in the linkie discord to translate between the two mapping sets. In this case, the method is called 'setupAnim'.
  3. 1. Don't use OnlyIn, properly side off your code. 2. You never register your entity renderer, the static method isn't called anywhere so nothing happens. Register it within FMLClientSetupEvent. 3. Attributes are never registered, same reason. Use the EntityAttributeCreationEvent for this.
  4. Probably because entity textures are bound using a batched rendering system and not on the fly. You need to handle the rendering of the model yourself, not delegate it to the PlayerRenderer.
  5. Where and in what context? Also what is Registry#location?
  6. If you put an override annotation on the method, does it give you an error. If so, why do you think that error is there? How can you resolve it? Is the method signature correct? Are you providing the correct method name based on the mapping set you are using?
  7. There is no ViewProjection class within 1.16.5. If you're asking about how to draw 2d objects in 3d space, look at how name tags are rendered on an Entity (can be found in EntityRenderer).
  8. You would need to handle some rendering logic via RenderHandEvent. The layers are only applied in third person as you can never see the player in first.
  9. This statement is a bit incorrect. The methods still exist, they just use a different mapping set (MCP) than what forge ships with the mdk by default (mojmap). You can use forge-bot on the Forge Discord or Linkie on the Linkie Discord to translate from them. I would probably use a chunk capability instead and tick logic on loaded chunks since you'd have to check every block if it's loaded other than checking the loaded chunks. You could also use a world capability to store the chunks that have an active capability for more efficient usage.
  10. The color needs to be specified using IParticleData since that would be dynamic data which you can look at the example in RedstoneParticleData. Textures are usually any subclass of SpriteTextureParticle. The spawning of the particle is definitely covered on the documentation. Show what you currently have. You're asking for specific behavior instead of something more generalized.
  11. Where are you setting this information? How are you setting it? When are you setting it? Makes sense since it's called on both logical sides.
  12. You would need to use PlayerBrewedPotionEvent.
  13. The docs are updated for this. There is only one major inaccuracy that you may or may not encounter.
  14. What version and can you provide more details?
  15. Sure, although based on what I'm hearing, there's nothing that you can't do via nbt. There's a bunch like the desert pyramid iirc.
  16. I just realized you are using a non-supported version of Forge based on the parameters of the render method as they are pre-1.15. The only versions supported are those in the blue banner at the top of the screen. Please update to one of the above versions to receive more support.
  17. Should be able to search for class names or find a type hierarchy for MonsterEntity. I don't use IntelliJ so I'm not familiar with the keybinds.
  18. That's the point of the MatrixStack. It's a projection matrix transformation for how to draw the element to the screen. So, you can just call #scale on it to scale the entries drawn in this particular case.
  19. No, they would be found in your IDE within the dependencies of your project explorer. I think IntelliJ calls them referenced libraries or something similar.
  20. You need to translate that. And I was suggesting using already existing classes like CreeperEntity, ZombieEntity, and so forth for a base on how the translation might occur.
  21. You're not? There are NO deserializers for behavior packs for entities in Java edition. You need to create the entity data within the class directly. The json file from just a glance looks completely translatable into the format that Java edition uses (which means in code since entities, I repeat, are NOT data driven). And probably not. Entity tutorials for 1.16 are not really existent as it requires learning in more detail about pathfinding and the new brain system. This is not to mention logic is usually unique to the user.
  22. The version of Forge you are using is not supported on the forums. The currently supported versions can be seen in the blue banner at the top of the page. Update to one of the above versions to receive support.
  23. This is not how you add an inventory to a tile entity. It breaks mod compatibility. For this, you should use capabilities. Specifically, you'll want to use the IItemHandler capability and implement on your own TE ItemStackHandler. Containers have special slot handlers that take in an IItemHandler.
  24. Probably through the use of PlayerEvent$PlayerLoggedInEvent and checking some boolean you added to the player via capability or stored as a WSD to check if the user has joined the world previously.
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