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  1. Yes there is: If you expect the method names to be the same across mappings including how they're referenced between methods, you won't find what you are referring to.
  2. Still hasn't changed. You're referencing two different methods with two difference signatures. The first method you shown calls the second method with the argument 3. As for what it does, it dictates what flags to execute when setting the block (a bit field). The list of flags can be found within Constants$BlockFlags.
  3. Goals and Tasks are defined within the flyweight Entity itself whenever it is constructed. I would suggest taking a look at already implemented entities with goals and tasks if you want to implement them yourself.
  4. Any mod present on the server (assuming it doesn't have the ignore extension point set) must be present on the client to allow both to connect.
  5. Yes, you are passing in an Item instead of a supplier of an item. I would suggest taking another read over the docs.
  6. You can start by looking at how a bow is implemented within the code and how arrows are fired as projectiles. BowItem and ArrowEntity is a good place to start researching.
  7. There's no evidence that you use a newer version of netty within the buildscript. You indeed shadow the version during building, but you do not compile it for use within the game. You still need to require a dependency on it such that it is used within runtime.
  8. Forge now ships the mdk with the official mojang mappings over the previously used mcp mappings. As such, fields/methods/params will be different between the two mappings. For example, Item#onItemRightClick has become Item#use. If you would like to use the old mappings, you can look on Forgecord in the 1.16 modder support channel's pins and find the current version of the mcp mappings available.
  9. You're going to need to be more specific. What list is changing size, how often does it change, how many entries can be stored within the list, does the block have a tile entity?
  10. Yes, you can still sign jars as that is not a Forge concept, that is a java one. ForgeGradle adds the ability to sign a jar within your buildscript while the event was used to check if there was a violation in the signature. Although the event doesn't exist anymore, ForgeGradle still supports signing a jar through the SignJar task. As for how to sign a java jar, you would need to generate an key-pair. Using Java's keytool command also wraps the public key into a X.509 self-signed certificate which can be used in a bunch of other places. Once you have this generated, make sure to remember the location it's stored on your computer, the alias given for unique identification, the keystore password, and the key password. We can then create the signed jar by having the base jar finalized by our task and making sure it executes after the jar has been reobfuscated via 'reobfJar' within the build.gradle.
  11. 1.12.2 is not supported on the forums. The current versions supported can be found in the blue banner above. Forge usually supports the latest version and one major behind for LTS. Although, that does change depending on popularity.
  12. DimensionTypes are dynamic since they are now data driven. This means that the associated data can only be accessed whenever a world is loaded. You can get access to this through MinecraftServer#registryAccess which gives you an instance of DynamicRegistries. There is a convenient method there for grabbing the registry called DynamicRegistries#dimensionTypes. Registry is an instance of Iterable on the value.
  13. Doesn't the spawn chunk have protection against all non-opped players?
  14. Did you attach the register to the mod event bus? Also, you should probably check what class the "egg" is using and update accordingly. This will remove all the features associated with the egg. Another thing to note is that you shouldn't replace vanilla entries unless absolutely necessary. It could lead to compatibility issues and a few others (although, since you're only modifying a property, it should be fine).
  15. 1.12.2 is not supported on the forums. The current versions supported can be found in the blue banner above. Forge usually supports the latest version and one major behind for LTS. Although, that does change depending on popularity.
  16. If you already have a IBakedModel implementation, you could create your own ItemOverrideList that gives you the correct model based on the stack tag.
  17. 1. This is problematic for sidedness. 2. Minecraft uses GLFW keybindings, not AWT KeyEvent. Use a KeyBinding regardless. 3. This is not a tutorial. Nothing is explained, just copy this and get a result.
  18. You would probably need to grant execute permission via chmod or whatever method your operating system needs. I would suggest googling it.
  19. There are events within EntityEvent now that handle this (Size and EyeHeight iirc) for 1.16. Note, if you are requesting help for 1.12.2, that version is not supported on the forums.
  20. If RayTraceResult#getType returns BLOCK, then you know the ray trace is an instance of BlockRayTraceResult which has a method called #getDirection (or #getFace in MCP) exactly for that.
  21. Listeners should be added in the constructor. Make the field lazy instead of relying on classloading.
  22. For the official mappings yes. This tutorial uses MCP mappings so it is also correct. You will need to translate them into your mapping set used.
  23. For the simplest implementation, whenever the projectile interacts with the surface, you'll get the associated face that the surface interacted with. Then, invert the associated component and multiply it with some number between 0-1 to represent to loss of energy. For example, if the associated motion velocity is <3,-1,2> and the ball hits a face on the Y-axis (either UP or DOWN), it will invert the component to <3,1,2>. Let's say we want to have 80% of the energy conserved, then it would be <3,0.8,2>. Of course, you'll need probably a deadzone for the total motion to deal with ridiculously small numbers. If you want to introduce other factors, then I would suggest looking over some bouncing ball physics.
  24. How does the client know what the state of the block is? You would need to use IEntityAdditionalSpawnData to send the BlockState across the network and set it on the client so it displays the same.
  25. Are these the only instances of tags within your mod? It's suggesting that there are minecraft entries for your mod tags or registry objects.
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