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  1. Well, first the event handler is not attached to the mod event bus so EntityTesting#setup is never called. Second, entity attributes are now registered via EntityAttributeCreationEvent. That event is still called on the mod event bus.
  2. 1.16.5 uses mojmap mappings and as such the method names are different compared to mcp when this tutorial was written. You will need to use either the forge bot on discord or linkie to find the translations. Eventually, I'll get around to updating this as there are a few better things to do in the current code like instead of sticking it in an interface to use DistExecutor and call somewhere else. You should specify the modid in the string name; otherwise, this will conflict with other mods adding silver armor. Never use OnlyIn. It is for forge internal use only.
  3. Still is the correct function, just a difference in the mappings used for the method names. 'create' is the mcp name while iirc 'of' is the mojmap name (which is the one you are using most likely).
  4. It's probably called something else in mojmap compared to the mcp name provided. A quick search using the forge bot lands us with World#getEntities.
  5. This does not need a mod. You would just need to replace the loot table with your own by simply providing the file in the same location as the one you are replacing, but in your own datapack. You would also need to make sure that the global loot modifiers do not have an effect by checking those in the mods to make sure they don't do anything you don't want to the particular block.
  6. There is no such thing as a mirrored voxel shape. The #mirror and #rotate methods within Block are specifically for handling BlockState rotations within nbt structures, nothing more. If you want the VoxelShape to be rotated, you would need to construct the rotation yourself and apply it when necessary. It's always good to precompute all possible rotations and access them via a bit mask.
  7. That is a warning and not an error. Currently ForgeGradle 4 does not support Gradle 7, only the latest of 6.x.
  8. Each world has its own data and as such, serializes and deserializes their data separately. Anything saved to one world is for that world and anything saved to a different world is for that other world.
  9. There is no multipart library for 1.16 unfortunately. Best you could do would probably be to have the campfire as a block with some property that determines whether the kettle is on it or not. The kettle could then be an item or a block if you want to place it separately. You would then probably use some right click action to separate the blocks and attach them together. Note that this would still be just a BlockState.
  10. What do you have so far? Explaining a majority of these systems might take a while, so it's better to have some starting point.
  11. You would need to provide the TER for this.
  12. The correct answer is don't and spend the time to properly utilize methods in the system. If you need to call a private or protected method outside of its context, you're most likely doing something wrong.
  13. Not without some bipedmodel trickery which is just annoying to do and not really recommended without a decent grasp of the system. Plus, it's the easiest solution.
  14. Makes sense, it's using the default biped model which reserves a 64x32 space for the actual armor. So any data drawn within that space will be reflected on the default model.
  15. Well yes, vanilla armor models have two layers. The leggings grab the body and the legs while the boots grab only the legs. You could fix this by splitting your texture in two and draw the second texture only when the equipment slot is the legs.
  16. It's just the color of the particle to render for the falling block. If you want, you can translate the colors into hex and put them into a color editor to view what colors they are.
  17. Why are you trying to place your tile entity in a non-generated chunk?
  18. This is not really a question for the modding forums as it really isn't related to forge. You can try looking on the internet or figuring out how to do the multi-threaded subsystem of an HTTP client application.
  19. The event to use would be EntityEvent$Size.
  20. It's fired on the logical client and logical server. Most likely you'll only need to execute the logic on the server.
  21. If you're translating individual files, there's not much you can do about it. You could use the updateMappings gradlew task, but that's better for large batches of code. As for JSON item models, that is a much more complicated issue that involves layers and custom transform types. While still possible, the tradeoff isn't really worth it.
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