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  1. You should NOT need 8G and it is likely to cause periodic lagspikes, the commands I gave you in the other thread should be giving it sufficient RAM. If you are experiencing performance issues during regular gameplay your processor is likely the culprit.


    Edit: I have been told there are exceptions, however the person I spoke to who regularly gives his modpacks 8G is

    1. talking about 8G for his CLIENT, not server, and
    2. a streamer who has a very powerful computer
  2. You need to use Java 8, you likely have 10 installed, if you can live without the most recent version of Java uninstall all versions other than 8, if not you will need to go into program files, find the java.exe of Java 8, and replace "java" in my previous instructions with the full path to it (including the name of the file itself this time)

  3. cd

    Change directory (Note in CMD you do NOT use this command to change drives)


    cd "C:\Forge Server\"

    (Note the quotes that MUST be used if the path has spaces)


     To change drives you just type the drive letter followed by a colon




    To run a jar file, invoke the "java" command with the "-jar" switch followed by the file name including the ".jar" file extension


    java -jar forge.jar

    (Note that this command will only work if the jar file is in the currently selected directory)


    The usual command to run a Forge server is:

    java -jar <forge jar name> -Xmx 3G -Xms3G


  4. On 5/1/2018 at 9:50 AM, diesieben07 said:

    "I want to go to the supermarket and buy oranges, but the supermarket is closed, so I went to the clothes store instead. Why do they not have oranges?" Just because launching the Forge server doesn't work, does not mean you can just launch a vanilla server, it will not get you anywhere. You must launch the Forge jar if you want a Forge server.


    Ok so we go back to my original post which turns out to be relevant, make sure you use the forge jar.

    20 minutes ago, DaemonUmbra said:

    Could you please start the server from the command line and tell me what it spits out?


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