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  1. Try replacing RoughMobs with RoughMobs2, apparently it was rewritten with bugfixes and performance fixes (what you seem to have here is RoughMobs making the server take too long to tick, thus it gets killed by the Watchdog)
  2. You appear to be using 32-bit Java, although that does not appear to be the cause this time you really should get the 64 bit version. You are still only allocating 1G of RAM to the game, as you have -Xmx2G before -Xmx1G, in JVM arguments the last one wins. Note: I do not see a crash here, so I cant definitively say this is the issue, I can just say these are the flaws I see in the information you have provided.
  3. Are you saying you have looked and there is no log? Setting up a log is on of the first things Minecraft does, usually this is before it has a chance to crash. If there is no log please upload a screenshot of what cmd or powrshell spit out when you try to start the server, and make sure the cmd/powrshell window is big enough that it dos not get cut off.
  4. The log will have been saved as debug.log in your logs folder, please use a site like pastebin or Github's Gist tool and post the link it gives you.
  5. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum due to its age, please update to receive support.
  6. And please make sure your git root is in the same directory as the .gitignore that Forge's MDK provides, this will make sure that the repository respects and ignores the proper files
  7. The Forge installer creates a profile in the vanilla minecraft client, switch to that and you should be good
  8. The constructors for your tab items do not add your mod id to the items' Registry Names, I believe the result of this is that Minecraft is trying to find the models and textures for your items within its own resources. (Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken)
  9. http://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/events/intro/#creating-an-event-handler mentioned at the end of this section.
  10. Please post your debug.log, preferably using Pastebin or Gist.
  11. Try taking a look at the files for Sky Factory 3, it has a custom gif Hint: splash.properties and correctly placed assets
  12. easiest way to get to it on windows is to open a Run prompt (Windows Key + R) and type %APPDATA%\.minecraft\logs
  13. Unless it stays like that for several full minutes, yes. If it does stay like that for that long please upload your debug.log to pastebin or GitHub's Gist service and post the link it gives you.
  14. During loading sometimes Minecraft will do that on lower end machines, give it a bit and it should continue loading. (Windows is a bit crap with how it detects frozen programs)
  15. Is that supposed to be sarcasm or are you trying to be 1337 or something?
  16. The Installer, not the Windows Installer though, it just says Installer
  17. Did you get the installer or the universal?
  18. The jar version of the installer yes, the download button for it is right next to the one for the windows installer.
  19. What part of the instructions are you getting stuck on?
  20. Until you do this we don't have enough information to help you.
  21. 1) That's not the complete log 2) That's borderline unreadable, please upload debug.log to Pastebin or GitHub's Gist Service and post the link it gives you.
  22. The forge installer does not recognize manually downloaded files, have you tried these instructions?
  23. Thank You! (I knew I would feel like an idiot)
  24. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update to receive support.
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