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  1. log4j is a code library embedded in Minecraft, can you still not post a screenshot of the folder your server is in?
  2. Are you getting the same error when you try to launch it?
  3. Saw this same error with someone else the minecraft server jar was getting corrupted when Forge's installer downloaded it, try this: Forge is expecting minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar
  4. Ok, I'm not in the mood for a cmd tutorial so let's take a shortcut: open the server folder in file explorer click anywhere that won't select a file hold shift and right click without selecting a file click open <Command Prompt/Powershell Window> here once you've done that follow the instructions from my previous reply
  5. When I say command prompt I mean if you're on Windows use cmd(or Powershell), if you're on a *nix OS or Mac, use a Terminal, navigate to the server's folder and type java -jar forge-1.12.2- -Xmx3G -Xms3G nogui
  6. Start it from the command line and show what it spits out
  7. You start the forge universal the same way you would start the server
  8. You're starting it with the forge jar and not the minecraft jar, right?
  9. That's not fml-server-latest, that's just latest. Can you send a screenshot of your server's root folder (the one where the server jars are)?
  10. could you put the fml-server-latest.log on pastebin and link to it here?
  11. Are you opped on the server? If not then that is likely to be spawn protection preventing you from building or breaking blocks too close to spawn.
  12. Problematic code #1: (this includes the ModelRegistry)
  13. sourceSets { main { java {srcDirs = ["$projectDir/common"]} resources {srcDirs = ["$projectDir/resources"]} } } should be sourceSets { main { java {srcDirs = ["$projectDir/src/main/java"]} resources {srcDirs = ["$projectDir/src/main/resources"]} } } Gradle seemed to cache this when I corrected it, built, then removed the sourceSets group entirely, and I believe this is the default if not overridden as you did.
  14. What are you trying to run decompworkspace for, what are you trying to do?
  15. It starts it but it doesn't mean it's launched with the correct options, create a file called launch.bat and put this in it: java -jar forge.jar -Xmx3G -Xms3G pause Note that you will need to replace forge.jar with the name of the forge universal jar. Double click the launch.bat and it will start the server with more RAM, which might make things a bit clearer.
  16. Are you starting your server through the command line or are you just double clicking it?
  17. NEI is almost entirely clientside, it shows you the items that your client can use, not necessarily what's on the server. What server jar are you launching, the forge one or the minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar? Edit: I'm stupid and forgot there are no forge info messages in latest.log
  18. That log is from a server that is trying to start up when another server(Or another program) is already running using the same port. From the sound of it you have a vanilla server running when your forge server tries to start, so you are joining the vanilla server thinking it's the forge server. Edit: It actually looks like you're starting a vanilla server rather than a forge one anyway
  19. If you mean the func_##### stuff, that's an obfuscated name from Minecraft itself, it gets changed into a more human-readable name by Forge during development environment setup, provided there is a mapping for it, it gets turned back into the obfuscated name when the mod is compiled so that it correctly references the function in Minecraft's jar file during runtime. Other than that I'm not quite clear on what you're asking. Edit: If you're seeing it in a mod's source (i.e. on GitHub) it means that mod was developed with a version of Forge that did not have a "mapping" to a more readable name for that function.
  20. Reading the EAQ helps too, you need to launch forge with Java 8, your PC will try to use the latest installed version (in this case 10) unless you specify by using the full path of the Java executable (Java.exe) of the version you want.
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