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  1. I believe the hint was that you shouldn't edit Vanilla code. Any mods should be written from scratch (or using APIs), rather than editing base code, so as to retain the maximum compatibility and ease of porting between versions. That's kind of the point of everything Forge has been working towards
  2. So Srg2Source will effectively decrease the amount of time and effort it takes to go from MCP release to Forge/Bukkit/etc... release in future versions? Will it have any impact on the initial effort of updating MCP?
  3. Your crash actually looks like it's coming from trying to call a Slot that is out of bounds for how big your inventory is.
  4. How would one use a TileEntity to accomplish something like that? I would like to have a block that duplicates every second, and a bunch of duplicating TE's seems like a baaaaad idea
  5. It kind of depends on which mod, and what you mean by "does it not work like that". Basically, mods built with ModLoader should work that way, since Forge has FML. However, mods which edit base classes or for some other reason require that they are installed in the Jar usually won't work by just dropping them in the mods folder. We've come a long way, but it seems like there are still a handful of mods that still go back to those archaic roots
  6. I have been having an issue with not being able to texture my blocks correctly. This is the first mod I've written for 1.5.1, and I think I have mostly everything figured out except the textures. I have a block with 15 metadata values, but when it shows up in-game or in eclipse, there is no texture. The original thread is here and has more information. Thank you!
  7. Try TheInstitution's tutorials. They're pretty good, and there's lots of them. Some are a little outdated now, but mostly easy to figure out how to adapt them.
  8. The first thing I noticed is that you shouldn't have the final keyword in front of the variables in your method. What is it not doing? Does it not generate, or does it give an error, or a crash? What's going on? I am currently using this method to generate ores and structures in two different dimensions in the mod I've been working on.
  9. I actually wrote a tutorial on this Basically, follow my tutorial, but put your generation code in the generateEnd() method. Also, this would work for any dimension ID (just add a switch case), just in case you ever made your own dimensions. It's also how you make structures and such generate, simply by changing WorldGenMinable to WorldGenYourStructure, written with a bunch of setBlock()'s to build your structure
  10. Doesn't NEI use some sort of reflection in order to load in CB's own versions of vanilla classes, or something?
  11. Your question isn't very clear. You say that you know how to make SMP mods that don't edit base classes, so just do that.
  12. So I actually figured it out! Here's my code, from the item I'm using as a "portal": @Override public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack stack, World world, EntityPlayer player) { System.out.println(world.provider.getDimensionName()); switch(world.provider.dimensionId) { case 1885: travelTime(0, player); break; case 0: travelTime(1885, player); break; } return stack; } public void travelTime(int dimensionID, Entity player) { if (!player.worldObj.isRemote && !player.isDead) { MinecraftServer mcServer = MinecraftServer.getServer(); WorldServer newWorld = mcServer.worldServerForDimension(dimensionID); mcServer.getConfigurationManager().transferPlayerToDimension((EntityPlayerMP)player, dimensionID, new TimeTeleporter(newWorld)); } } My TimeTeleporter() class is just an extension of Teleporter, but to use the same basic Teleporter as default, you should use this: mcServer.worldServerForDimension(dimensionID).func_85176_s() as the third parameter
  13. I'll be sure to let you know if I figure it out. I'm also planning on making a Dimension tutorial when I'm done.
  14. From what I understand, the shift-click thing is actually a different method (I can't remember what it's called), but I do know that in order to restrict what items can go into/come out of a Slot, you have to make your own Slot class that extends Slot, and then override some methods so it does what you want.
  15. No sure exactly, but I believe that method is for when you pick up a single/multiple item(s) from the stack, and it combines them. You know, so that if you have three picked up and you pick up another, it takes one away from the Slot and then you have five. I think.
  16. Did you finally get it working? I ended up using mcServer.getConfigurationManager().transferEntityToWorld(player, dimensionID, currentWorld, newWorld, new Teleporter(newWorld)); But it gives me some wierd errors, as well as not teleporting me to the right place. The Teleporter problem I can fix, the error it gives me is if I try to use it twice in a row, like to go back to the Dimension I just left, it crashes saying something about "Entity is already being tracked!", and I can't figure out what's wrong. I can use the transferToDimension one, but it makes a Teleporter wherever I transport to, and then I just fall back into it, which isn't very helpful Thus, I am trying to specify a custom Teleporter so that it won't make the portal everytime I use my item.
  17. The only problem there is that EntityPlayer has no field called mcServer, or anything that is a MinecraftServer. Also, where are you getting ent? Because that should be an EnitityPlayerMP.
  18. I am working on a mod where I have an item that acts as a portal, and transports you between "Dimensions". In order to test it, I have an Item with this method: I was hoping that would bounce me back and forth between the Overworld and the Nether. However, whenever I use it, it makes a Nether Portal wherever I teleport to, and I'm automatically in it, so it sends me back. Is there a way to not make it make that portal? Or is that part of travelToDimension()? I don't really want the portals there, because I'm going to be making more Dimensions, and I want to only go between them with my Item. The Item shows up, works, and everything is good, except for the teleporting
  19. So would this tab overwrite one of the existing tabs? Or be alongside them?
  20. What happened to the Jenkins build system? It seems much more difficult to track new builds now.
  21. What constitutes a "basic" item?
  22. This may sound kind of noobish, and I apologize, but what is the Ore Dictionary for?
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