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  1. Oh thanks and is there a way to acces other files in the jar file?
  2. Is there a way to acces the mcmod.info file for reading it with a BufferedReader? I don't know how to point Java to it
  3. lol yea, i thought B3D was kinda minecraftlike model format like tcn thank you
  4. Yea, i would have searched for it later, but i wanted to know if there is an inbuilt option lol
  5. Is it possible to open up a website when a guibutton is pressed?
  6. Lol, thak you great guys I would be lost without this Forum!!
  7. Hey there, is it possible to load obj models in 1.8 like in 1.7 or do i have to rewrite the parser for it?
  8. Yea could've done that thank you
  9. This is really easy. Do a GuyOverlay that only displays a grey/textured rectangle when the 'u' key is pressed. I did it like this and it works great. To get a GuyOverlay working, youll have to creat a new class that has the following few things in it: public class YourOverlay extends Gui{ public YOurOverlay(Minecraft mc){ this.mc = mc; } @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL) public void renderOverlay(RenderGameOverlayEvent event){ ScaledResolution scaledresolution = new ScaledResolution(this.mc, this.m
  10. That wouldn't help here. Thats just an option to save some memory...
  11. This is because your model has to many vertices. The forge internal OBJ loader isn't the greatest one and has this bug when there are too many points. And btw, what is the mod youre working on?
  12. I want to add some slots to the inventory of the player for specific items. How can i add them to his inventory?
  13. There is a way to do that with all blocks in the world, but i don't know it for biomes
  14. Yea, i tried doing it like that with doesBlockExist and then sin(rotationYaw*PI/180) etc but it wouldn't work properly. Do you have any suggestion?
  15. I want, that when i click on a Player, that a gui pops up for him. Is that possible?
  16. In the constructor of my Carentity i have set the StepHeight to 1.0f. But when it collides with a block, the entity does not get up. What do i have to do else?
  17. What you mean with locationmessage like System.out.println or to a variable?
  18. I wrote a car entity but when it collides and then i drive away and dismount, the player dismounts where the entity collided. Any suggestions? PS: If you need any code, just say it but maybe you know the bug and say me what causes it
  19. What youll need is a class that can render a tileentity. For this i have written a GenericItemRender like this: To use this simply do this in your ClientProxy: MinecraftForgeClient.registerItemRenderer(Item.getItemFromBlock(YourBlock), new GenericBlockItemRenderer(new YourTileEntityRenderer(), new YourTileEntity()));
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