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  1. Thanks i solved it. I just forgot to register an item with Item.getItemFromBlock but thanks anyway
  2. I have a little problem. I made a block but the texture only is rendered on the block in the world, but in inventory it is black and purple.
  3. I want to automaticly create JSON files when registering a block
  4. Is it possible to acces the src directory in JavaCode while running eclipse?
  5. Its is very easy. Create a new variable of ty GuiSlider - Just add it to the buttonList and in the onMouseClicked method, put in Yourvariable.onMouseClicked();
  6. How can i let a block do something when redstonesignal get in it?
  7. Where should i use it (Which bus and especially -HOW)
  8. How can i zoom in Minecraft? I heard of an event that can do that but i don't know which and how.
  9. I want the possibility do download the worldmap of the server to the user.
  10. Do blocks that are saved in world files, stay in there even when the mod with the blocks is not loaded?
  11. Whe are working on a mod that makes minecraft more like the real life. Adding complex survival systems, furniture and much much more. You can find more info here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2196915-real-life-mod-taken-from-reality-directly-into
  12. Oh, thats easy - you just have to check if the players currently held item is a fishingrod and check if its extended. Just take a look in the ItemFishingRod class to see when it is extended
  13. Im working on an easier method to render tileentities so i have a generic renderer like this: Can anybody tell me why it does not workj?
  14. How can i acces all the worldfiles from the server?
  15. Good!! Cuz i baught BDCraft Cubik PRO for 9€
  16. In Techne there are the normal models and TurboModelThingy but how can i use TMT in my mod?
  17. I found a really strange bug with one of my tileentities. When i place the Block in the world, it first is rendered, then the metadata is beeing set and it rotates so it faces the player. Once that is done, it isn't visible anymore. All of the rendercode seems to be excactly the same as for the other tileentities that work. Thats why i don't post it here. Maybe i did something wrong elsewhere. Does anybody know where the mistake could be?
  18. How can i make, that when i set a TileEntity in the world, it automaticly faces the player?
  19. Is it possible to create animated 3d Models in 1.8 and if yes, how?
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