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  1. Happy new year! We have a new jenkins (it might not crash as much ) http://build.technicpack.net:8080/job/BukkitForge Unfortunately, PEX doesn't work anymore, and likely will not work for a while. *Every* other perms plugin works, so just switch to one of those. Easy switch to gm: Dump your pex permissions.yml into this website, and change 'world' => overworld, 'world_the_nether' => the_nether and 'world_the_end' => the_end. A ModifyWorld version can be found here, and a list of reasons as to *why* we stopped are here. If you wish to interrogate us further, ask us on irc.esper.net, #bukkitforge. 1.4.6 mods work on 1.4.7 (and vice versa) Thanks to Manawyrm and Toble_Miner for helping with WorldEdit! (they gave up an entire night while we hacked away finding really stupid bugs in my code ) I've been modding for a little bit, and I finally decided to start releasing mods. I'm mostly planning to port Bukkit plugins to forge, but I will do the inverse of what ForgeEssentials are doing - I am going to make a coremod which loads bukkit plugins the way CraftBukkit does. Admittedly, this isn't the *optimal* approach, but it will work, and once it's stable, will require a lot less work than FE will. If you have plugins that misbehave with BukkitForge, tell me, and I'll fix it if I can! Note that the term 'less crashing' does not imply complete and utter removal of bugs. They're still there, and being evil, and breaking things. And I intend to squash every last one of them. But it's still buggy, just not crashy - if you can fix the bug yourself, feel free to submit a PR! Find me on IRC You can find me on irc, #bukkitforge (yes I made a channel ), during daylight hours, GMT +11 Found a bug? First, make sure you've read the EAQ, and make sure it's a bug in one of MY mods. If the error doesn't contain 'keepcalm', then I can't help you. If it IS a bug in one of my mods, post the log below, and remember that spoilers are your friend BukkitForge Open Beta - now with PermissionsEx and loads of other stuff! Events API ForgeCore BETA! ForgeCommands BETA! ForgeChat Licensing All my mods are licensed under the LGPLv2+. Keeping up with what I'm doing If you want to see what I'm working on/have worked on, you might want to check out my github repos
  2. YAML. It's simpler and easier for everyone.
  3. - You CANNOT use python 3. Use 2.7 - bash is the same as sh. - try starting from scratch with MCP and forge. You probably screwed it up somewhere along the way (the '>>' means you're in python. Just open a terminal, don't type 'python'.)
  4. Read this: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Setting_up_an_environment_for_developing_Forge
  5. Best way to find out would be to ask Azanor on IRC.
  6. You're trying to use client-side code on the server-side. You need to use a SidedProxy.
  7. Download forge from here: http://adf.ly/673885/http://files.minecraftforge.net/minecraftforge-universal- Install into a clean 1.4.2 jar, as you would normally.
  8. The only problem that occurs is between IC2 and CraftGuide. Why don't you use NEI? Also, I'd suggest switching to a native FML mod, it might work better (at least change from BaseMod to @Mod)
  9. This is an issue with Forge ModLoader (so minecraft forge, in other words).
  10. I've written an ID resolver for forge, but I'm not sure where I should put it. You can find the code and downloads here
  11. http://mcportcentral.co.za is the place you want to watch.
  12. EntityPig ep = new EntityPig(world); ep.setGrowingAge(-200) will make the pig be a baby for 200 ticks, according to the javadocs
  13. I have that problem sometimes, no clue why, CPW might know, but the way I use to get around it is to get one of CB's mods (NEI or something) and copy it's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF to mine, and just change the name of the FMLCorePlugin bit.
  14. Well the error tells you something (an array isn't the size that it's meant to be), and also, Lex is lex. He knows these things
  15. Not without rewriting sections of mcp from what I can tell
  16. I assume your talking about bukkit plugins, and in bukkit the more 'official' way to do that is by using plugin channels (bukkit's API for Packet250CustomPayload). So really what you'd do is register a plugin channel on the same channel as your client-side mod.
  17. It might be a problem with your mod (DarkDestry_Experiment). I'd guess that the error occurs in the Init function. If you can't find it yourself, can we see your @Mod file?
  18. You could try adding an event listener for EntityJoinWorld, check if the entity is instanceof EntityItem and then get the ID, comapre it to that of the ore block, and then spawn items there if its appropriate? I can see a few holes there (could result in item duplication), but that's the only thing I can think of Or, you could use a coremod and override that class - you might want to look at NotEnoughItems and CodeChickenCore - chickenbones overrides a class in NEI, so you could learn from him...
  19. I'm fairly sure you can just chuck the texture files inside your mod's jar - so if the texture file was /textures/terrain.png, you'd put the 'textures' folder inside your jar.
  20. <mcp folder>/jars/ForgeModLoader-client-0.log
  21. Did he mean this: http://mineshafter.appspot.com/?
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