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  1. There is a way, but I can't get it to work, you can use @Metadata("MyModID") public static ModMetadata meta; And modify that, or you can get the metadata from @PreInit.
  2. Did your game actually crash? If it did, can you post ForgeModLoader-client-0.log in spoilers? If not, nothing to worry about.
  3. Can you post logs, preferably from sessions where you start a new world, and experience the problem again? Ie start a new world, then fly around until you get the glitched chunks?
  4. If the world is loaded, it's something like World.worldName
  5. Update forge, or try making a new world
  6. Delete your config folder, if that doesn't work, update forge.
  7. DON'T, for the love of god, use MCPatcher. Use optifine. Install forge, and then optifine, or use MultiMC
  8. You misunderstand, I meant save it to the world itself, as part of the world's NBT .dat, not your own.
  9. You're registering your entity after you register it's tracker.
  10. ((EntityPlayerMP) par3EntityPlayer).playerNetSeverHandler.handleAbilites(new Packet202PlayerAbilites(par3EntityPlayer.capabilities))
  11. NBTs are Minecraft's in-game storage format, and you can use a TileEntity (not sure about blocks) to save data directly to them. So you really only need one block, and all the properties can be set via NBT.
  12. Make sure that EntityVillagerAdult doesn't extend EntityVillager? Looks like an entity is being registered too many times with the EntityTracker.
  13. Something like PlayerInteractEvent? Just check if the type is RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK
  14. Try installing normal forge on the jar. See what happens.
  15. You might want to look at how NEI does it, or look at LuaForge
  16. Check all your mods are for 1.4.2, and update to forge 355
  17. Check for smart moving updates, something's broken there.
  18. Read the EAQ, particularly the bit about downloads
  19. There's the onPlayerChangedDimension event in IPlayerTracker?
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