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Performance of Forge, issues


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Ok so I installed minecraftforge-universal- everything seem to work ok, except for the 30 second time delay on getting passed the Mojang screen, its annoying but I can deal with it, anyways I created a new world and began testing performance, it was horrible, so naturally like I usually do I went and installed OptiFine_1.3.2_HD_B3 everything seem to install just fine with no problems, I go back in game and test it out with a flat map after modding all my video settings, it seem to work flawlessly, no lag what so ever, well then I decided to try it out with a randomly generated map "no seed" and even with fine tuned settings with OptiFine I was getting extremely bad lag issues, first spawning in a black nothingness for about 20 seconds then getting spawned into the single player map, second, every move I took was extremely glitchy as if my computer just couldn't handle the graphics of minecraft.... well I though I did something wrong so I redid the entire thing maybe about 6-7 times adding mods here and there and testing the differences, no change, it is Bad.


So after bad experiences with Forge causing Really bad lag I decided to make sure that it really wasn't my computer not being able to handle the GFX, so I went vanilla, added modloader, audiomod, allitems, optifine "same version I added to forge" and some other stuff, fine tuned the GFX with OptiFine and it ran beautifully on the exact same singleplayer map that I tested out with Forge, I also tested it on a multiplayer server, vanilla ran amazingly, forge did not, lol.


So anyways my real question.. Is this is somehow normal forge usage, and if it is not, then could I maybe get some help on trying to fix this strange issue? With a lot of mods changing to Forge only, I would really love to know why there seems to be No questions on the performance of Forge vs Vanilla, I personally use a ASUS 1201N netbook with ION Minecraft runs absolutely fine on my little book here, except when adding forge, I have tried many different things such as using a completely fresh and new Minecraft setup and installing forge all by itself, these performance issues still stand even with just Forge on my client.

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What is running in the background?

EXA: Steam, Hamachi, teamspeak...

I'm actually quite surprised that you play on a netbook, you know.

Read the EAQ before posting! OR ELSE!


This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




Don't PM me, I don't check this account unless I have to.

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I don't run anything in the background not even my browser, I have like 14 mods running on my vanilla build and only like 4 on my forge build, but my forge build causes a glitchy kind of graphics lag unlike my vanilla build that runs smooth.


Yeah, I love my 1201n. :D

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I do periodic performance profiling of Forge. And there is no significant performance change between Forge and vanilla.

So I can't say what exactly is causing your issues.

However, if you have a really bad graphics card {a lot of netbooks do} it might hit you hard supporting the custom textures. However, if your gfx card is any good it shouldnt be an issue.

Nothing really noticable.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Well my graphics card doesn't seem to be to horrible, i'm actually rebuilding it and testing my performance with each and every mod I add, to be honest I think it might have been caused from an Old mcpatcher installation, the performance seems to be better now and i'm not getting as much glitch lag as I was, or it may have been from a specific mod I added that was doing something and my minecraft boot up time has improved ever since I completely removed all traces of mcpatcher, it has gone from 30-40 seconds to get passed the Mojang screen a few hours ago to now 10-11 seconds straight to the game menu, and I don't seem to be spawning in the black nothingness on my little server, flatmap, or a randomly generated map, so whatever I am doing seems to be improving it.

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