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Chunk loading significantly slower on multiple versions of Forge 1.8.9


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This occurs on all the 1.8.9 versions of Forge I have tested, even with 0 mods installed.


I've tested the recommended version of 1.8.9, the latest version of 1.8.9, and version 1722, and a couple others on a different computer. All had the same issue.


This issue is especially noticeable with OptiFine installed (although like I said it occurs without OptiFine installed as well) by using the zoom function. In Vanilla + OptiFine, chunks load very quickly when zoomed in, but with Forge + OptiFine they load slowly.


Is this just an unavoidable Forge issue or a bug?



  • GTX 765M (Laptop GPU)
  • i7 4770 HQ
  • 8 GBs RAM, occurs with no launcher arguments specified, the default launcher arguments specified, and the default arguments plus more RAM allocated.

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Sepends on what exactly you mean by slowly. And keep in mind that optifine may have bad interactions with forges edits. In forge we thread passive chunk loading so chunks MAY be slightly slower (in some cases) but the rest of your game runs smoother.


So... again, no idea what you're actually talking about as you're just saying vague anicdotal stuff. But everything should be working fine.

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As I said this occurs without OptiFine, only Forge installed. It's pretty hard to quantify what I'm saying because I don't know how to benchmark something like this, but chunks really do load noticeably slower - not slightly slower as you say, it takes me nearly twice as long to load all chunks in an area than in Vanilla.


I'm not sure how this is vague or anecdotal. I described my issue and asked for assistance.

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