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Minecraft Forge for 1.15


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I just wanted to ask when we have news for Forge for Minecraft 1.15.

I know that Minecraft wrote this in its release notes:



In an effort to help make modding the game easier, we have decided to publish our game obfuscation maps with all future releases of the game. This means that anyone who is interested may deobfuscate the game and find their way around the code without needing to spend a few months figuring out what’s what. It is our hope that mod authors and mod framework authors use these files to augment their updating processes that they have today. These mappings will always be available, instantly and immediately as part of every newly released version. This does not, however, change the existing restrictions on what you may or may not do with our game code or assets. The links to the obfuscation mappings are included as part of the version manifest json, and may be automatically pulled for any given version.
Prefixed to every obfuscation map is the following legal disclaimer:

© 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This information is provided “as-is” and you bear the risk of using it. This information does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft product. You may copy and use this information for your internal, reference purposes. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.


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1.15 has been more challenging then previously expected. Instead of just being adding bees, and fixing bugs as reported by Mojang. They decided to take this release to re-write most of the rendering engine. Unfortunately, they also took the rendering guy from the Forge team. And my weakest point has always been, you guessed it, rendering. So it's being quite difficult to sort through all the changes, and update our massive changes to reflect the new stuff. gigaherz, tterrag, and unneon are trying to get up to speed and sort through all the rendering changes. So far, we've processed 512 out of the 520 patch files Forge does. As well as brought the compile errors down from >1400, to 161. So, progress is being made. Unfortunately, not publicly as before we get it compiling the repo we're working in contains the full MC decompiled codebase. And we do not have legal authority to redistribute that, so we're working on it privately. 


Hopefully, we'll have a build working and published here shortly, we're hoping that it won't be as broken as it could be. We'll keep you informed when there is something to inform.


As for the mapping data, we've already answered this, Mojang's release under the license you quoted does NOTHING to help us and only helps those who do not respect their license {Hacks/pirate clients/malware}. We are STILL holding out hope that Mojang's lawyers will come back with a new license that actually allows us to use this data.

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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Thanks for the detailed info Lex! You might want to consider pinning this response somewhere in the forum. Your are sure to get many more questions about the update. Sorry to hear you lost a valuable member of the team. You and and your teams efforts are VERY much appreciated here bro! Keep up the tireless work. Here's to hoping 1.16 is easier!

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    this was pasted, but i am hoping that i can get a response from those who can help, thank you 




alll right id like some help, i am running Minecraft Java on Windows 10 Pro. when i tried to download the Forge luancher for 1.15.1 and it loaded up on the bottom tab que. so when it looked liked it finshed i clicked it (once) and i t asked me how i'd like to open the file. i pushed on notes. Now when it opened it looked like a whole bunch of jibberish symbols to me ( i am assuming the symbols are some mis-translation of the code). 


  Sooo i deleted that note then re-tried, this time it went to notes automaticlly., not giving me the options choice as before.


  1. Does anyone knows how to fix or is this not reversable

  2. does anyone have any reccommenditions on who would know? 

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