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  1. No, the jar name always goes after -jar, put the RAM arguments (that's what the -Xmx and -Xms are) before the -jar flag
  2. Seems I've been doing it wrong all this time, derp.
  3. You should NOT need 8G and it is likely to cause periodic lagspikes, the commands I gave you in the other thread should be giving it sufficient RAM. If you are experiencing performance issues during regular gameplay your processor is likely the culprit. Edit: I have been told there are exceptions, however the person I spoke to who regularly gives his modpacks 8G is talking about 8G for his CLIENT, not server, and a streamer who has a very powerful computer
  4. You need to use Java 8, you likely have 10 installed, if you can live without the most recent version of Java uninstall all versions other than 8, if not you will need to go into program files, find the java.exe of Java 8, and replace "java" in my previous instructions with the full path to it (including the name of the file itself this time)
  5. First why did you add question marks to the end Second, please run it again question marks and scroll down so we can see the actual error Fairly certain I know what it is, but I still want to be safe.
  6. Please read my last reply, those are literally the commands you need for your specific case.
  7. cd is to move into folders, not to open files. What you want is to switch drives E: move to the folder cd E:\server\ and then run java java -jar forge-1.11.2- -Xmx3G -Xms3G
  8. cd Change directory (Note in CMD you do NOT use this command to change drives) Example: cd "C:\Forge Server\" (Note the quotes that MUST be used if the path has spaces) To change drives you just type the drive letter followed by a colon Example: E: To run a jar file, invoke the "java" command with the "-jar" switch followed by the file name including the ".jar" file extension Example: java -jar forge.jar (Note that this command will only work if the jar file is in the currently selected directory) The usual command to run a Forge server is: java -jar <forge jar name> -Xmx 3G -Xms3G
  9. Are you still clicking on the jars or do you have a command line window open, because at this point if you were running them like we asked, you would be able to see the server vomitting out an error into the command line.
  10. If you don't care about clear communication with those trying to help you then they might not want to help you, remember most (If not all) of the people here are not paid to provide support, we're just members of the community trying to help each other.
  11. If you are on Windows, I mean cmd or Powershell, either one works for this.
  12. What did you type in the "command box" and please describe how you got the "command box" as I am not talking about the text box in the server's GUI.
  13. Ok so we go back to my original post which turns out to be relevant, make sure you use the forge jar.
  14. There's your issue... use the forge jar not the vanilla jar.
  15. How are you launching the server and using which file? Please give the exact name of the file.
  16. Are you close to spawn and not Opped? Vanilla spawn protection is a thing.
  17. Could you please start the server from the command line and tell me what it spits out? Nevermind that's a different issue. You are launching the Forge jar and not the Minecraft one, correct?
  18. "Inconsistent Stackmap Frames" to my knowledge means the issue is a coremod, but we'll need (minecraft folder)/logs/fml-client-latest.log and/or (minecraft folder)/crash-reports/crash-(time and date)-client.txt for more information
  19. There's your issue, because you had file extensions hidden you added a .jar to the minecraft server's name then your computer tacked another one on... now that you have them showing you can remove one of them and your computer won't tack on another
  20. Can you take that shot again but first click on View and check the box next to "File Name Extensions"
  21. Can you take another shot that includes the filesize? it's in one of the columns being squashed into the scrollbar
  22. If you use snipping tool you can take the shot, copy, and paste it in here
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