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  1. I recommend having a look at the AT Launcher (ATL) they have a lot of easily customisable mod packs for the most recent versions of Minecraft, and the packs almost always Just Work™️
  2. This fix is also Mac-specific obviously
  3. Exactly, I posted that to enforce that that is not the error causing the issue
  4. Yggdrasil error happens when the request to Minecraft’s authentication servers fails. This can happen if you have no internet connection, a very slow internet connection, or an internet connection on which access to these severs is blocked.
  5. == and != perform INSTANCE comparisons, use someobject.equals(otherobject) instead
  6. On my phone or I would post a more complete answer My RenderGameOverlay method in https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/master/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/client/EventSubscriber.java (2nd & 3rd Methods in the class) draws an Energy meter for both the block that your looking at and the item that your holding in your main hand right into your HUD. You should be able to easily modify it to fit your mod by replacing all the stuff to do with energy with your stuff.
  7. Update, I've got it to work, but I want the server to sync the ItemStacks NBT more often, does anyone know what method I should use to achieve this? this is pseudo code of what I'm trying to achieve public void onUpdate(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, Entity entityIn, int itemSlot, boolean isSelected) { if(energy.getEnergyStored() != prevEnergyStored) entityIn.connection.sendPacket(UPDATE_NBT); }
  8. I am setting my NBT in my getShareTag correctly, and the NBT should just work (deserialise/read automagically) client side. Am I missing something?
  9. I assume you have to override getBoundingBox in Block
  10. Your probably going to want to use Capabilities, they are well documented. Here's the rundown https://gist.github.com/williewillus/c8dc2a1e7963b57ef436c699f25a710d
  11. whats wrong with Try it before saying it doesn't work You also didn't post your EntityUtil.getActiveItemStack method
  12. They're on MCPBot, you can even add & change them if you want
  13. Also, you probably want all your methods to be static unless you are registering your EventHandler (in preInit)
  14. I’ve got an Item that has an energy capability that writes its energy amount to not every time it updates (is this the way I should be doing it?) but when energy is added to it by other items in my inventory (Actually Additions Batteries) the energy only updates on the server, not the client. If I drop the item and pick it up again or put it into another inventory (chest, furnace, generator etc) the energy updates to the right amount. However moving it around in my own inventory or using the item doesn’t update the energy. My code: https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/master/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/item/ItemEnergy.java > https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/master/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/item/ItemGun.java > https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/master/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/item/ItemRailgun113.java Provider https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/tree/master/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/provider (ModularWeaponProvider & ModularWeaponProvider113) neither works What am I doing wrong/ should I be doing differently?
  15. Hi, I'm currently trying to look at how 1.13 handles its' furnace recipes (JSON!) and need to know how to use MCP to deobfuscate the latest snapshot's source code. I have tried a number of tutorials to use MCP, but it seems that since forge's existence direct use of MCP has dwindled almost out of existence. If anybody has this knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it. A number of other people @Exsolutus, @MDW01 have expressed interest in the source code, and jabelar, Draco18s & diesieben07 have expressed interest about the workings of 1.13. I am trying to understand how to use https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MCPConfig in conjunction with MCP. Here is my latest attempt if it helps anyone
  16. Thats the solution. A lot of code is apparently handled specifically if the entity extends arrow, so you pretty much have to extend it. My current code that works perfectly
  17. Fixed everything a long time ago. Here are my current classes if it helps anyone. Entity Class https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/master/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/entity/projectile/EntityParamagneticProjectile113.java Entity Init https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/3e6764e8ad5e441971c25e5e01ca6e15cef91eef/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/init/Entities.java#L1-L121 Entity Registration https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/3e6764e8ad5e441971c25e5e01ca6e15cef91eef/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/handler/EventSubscriber.java#L37-L41 Entity Renderer Registration https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/daa1f8985122ad526231771ed97c9f3eda34423b/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/client/EventSubscriber.java#L101-L104
  18. Can I recommend BlockBench? http://blockbench.net
  19. 1) Please post your log in a spoiler (click the eye icon when posting), not as an attachment 2) Thats a vanilla log, please make sure you posted the correct log & are running forge
  20. for (int i = 0; i < Blocks.BLOCKS.length; i++) { event.getRegistry().register(new ItemBlock(Blocks.BLOCKS).setRegistryName(Blocks.BLOCKS.getRegistryName())); } from my code so for your code it would be event.getRegistry().register(new ItemBlock(Blocks.testBlock).setRegistryName(Blocks.testBlock.getRegistryName()));
  21. please show your itemBlock registration code (and any creative tab registration code if you have it)
  22. Can you use /setblock to place it? If so, Are you registering an ItemBlock for your block?
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