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  1. it seems you are trying to improve performance. Why don't you make tickable TileEntities with something like if (getWorld().getWorldTime() % 200 != 0) return; in their update() methods? them? this makes them only update every 10 seconds (world time is in ticks, 20 ticks per second)
  2. Or download a JSON plugin for eclipse like JSON Editor 1.1.1 from the Eclipse Marketplace Help > Eclipse MarketPlace It allows you to read, modify, create etc all JSON files inside eclipse & provides syntax correction (very helpful for missing commas or quotation marks)
  3. I assume you are registering your GUI handler and everything correctly. Please use 1.12 Please post any relevant logs & these classes InventoryCrafting InventoryCraftResult
  4. Use @MDW01's approach. I don't know anything off the top of my head but for mac & linux there are apps (and console commands) that allow you to forcibly limit a specific application's ram, cpu & network usage. You could try looking at windows versions of these.
  5. you could try @Override public int getLightOpacity(IBlockState state, IBlockAccess world, BlockPos pos) but overriding isFullCube and isOpaqueCube should have fixed it
  6. Reinstall Minecraft & Forge. I had a bug like this in 1.5 or something. I fixed by deleting my player data file on the server. You could try this, It is probably a bad solution, and you will loose everything in your inventory (and all your other player data)
  7. it is however still supported. 1) Post your log in a spoiler not a text file we have to download. 2) 9:54:25 FML The coremod io.prplz.mousedelayfix.FMLLoadingPlugin does not have a MCVersion annotation, it may cause issues with this version of Minecraft this might be part of the problem 3) 19:54:21 launcher Have local file C:/Users\AhmedMalad\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\libraries\org/scala-lang/scala-compiler/2.11.1/scala-compiler-2.11.1.jar but don't know what size or hash it should be. Have to assume it's good. 4) I stopped reading it's way too painful reading off a text file, post your log in a spoiler
  8. ...remove this Why was this ever in your mods folder
  9. disable your weather mod, try again and post updated logs
  10. In short you shouldn't. If you are still planning on doing this, try @MDW01's approach. There are some other (possibly better) approaches but they are OS specific, what are you running?
  11. After ≈ 6 days of solid work I have made it work, I hope this helps someone. you find your y rotation through Math.atan2(originX - pointX, originZ - pointZ); and your up down (z/x) rotation through Math.atan2(originY - pointY, Math.sqrt(originX * originX + originZ * originZ) - Math.sqrt(pointX * pointX + pointZ * pointZ); then you convert both from radians to degrees. then you rotate around your y axis by your y rotation GlStateManager.rotate((float) yAngle + 90, 0, 1, 0); then you rotate around your x or z angle (I chose z because a) your normal rotation order is Y, Z, X and b) I was already using x for rotating my object 180 degrees from straight down to straight up) GlStateManager.rotate(90 - (float) _Angle, 0, 0, 1); I really hope this helps someone. Here is the full java code that I used Entity Position code (removes render shake) Rotation code //get Y angle double yAngle = Math.atan2(0 - dX, 0 - dZ); //convert angle to degrees yAngle = yAngle * (180 / Math.PI); yAngle = yAngle < 0 ? 360 - (-yAngle) : yAngle; //rotate by angle GlStateManager.rotate((float) yAngle + 90, 0, 1, 0); //rotate object (It starts facing down, I want it to start facing up) GlStateManager.rotate(180, 1, 0, 0); //get Up/Down (X/Z) angle double _Angle = Math.atan2(dY, Math.sqrt(dX * dX + dZ * dZ)); //convert angle to degrees _Angle = _Angle * (180 / Math.PI); _Angle = _Angle < 0 ? 360 - (-_Angle) : _Angle; //rotate by angle GlStateManager.rotate(90 - (float) _Angle, 0, 0, 1); //...draw object GitHub perma-link (High-accuracy entity positioning and object rotation) https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/1bc15df55251b6631d31b6d101ae5a729ed2a4ca/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/client/render/tileentity/TESRWire.java#L77-L126
  12. Hmmm... are any mods working? It looks like you have BiomesOPlenty, Industrialcraft, MineColonies, Morphing Mod, Thermal Foundation and Weather Storms Tornadoes Mod installed, none seem to be loaded, do any of them work?
  13. All good thanks for the help!
  14. Thanks! The maths for quaternions is over my head for the moment (I’m trying to fix this). You specified that because I was using Euler angles the axis were also rotated, do you know (off the top of your head) if there is a way use quaternions to avoid this?
  15. Maybe for some small performance benefit when only checking if the capability exists and not actually using the capability? Cases of this would be rare, but not nonexistent. Rendering functions like TESRs and HUDs come to mind
  16. I believe there is a method called something like getAllEntitiesInAABB (from memory it’s used in entity arrow maybe?) just loop the the returned List from that function and do an instanceof check on each mob to see if they are the mod that you are looking for.
  17. But when you finally solve that painful thing that you’ve been working on for a week it’s all worth it
  18. What is the 4th axis??? (time aha?) Its not gimbal lock so much as that when I rotate on 1 axis the other 2 axis rotate with it. This is as everything should be, but for my code I NEED them not to rotate (or better maths). I also don't understand Matrixes (Matricies??) or Quaternions at all and I don't really understand vectors very well either. I've set myself to fail pretty badly
  19. Answer all the questions so we can help please does this mean that you are using the Default 1.12 minecraft an existing forge profile or something else? exact link to the mod please there are ALWAYS log files, no exceptions (even if you just open the launcher) It shows up under Mods when minecraft is running?
  20. is there anywhere that has a tutorial on MCPBot syntax? I've actually had to go through quite a lot of source code and understand it and I would like to put my experience into the MCPBot
  21. you probably want subscribe events if they exist
  22. I think its important to note that MCP was NOT made by Mojang, and that amazing amounts of work have to be put into this tool every version to keep it up to date and readable! Every variable in Minecraft source code has obfuscated names and every variable in Decompiled code that has a logical name was named by someone who took the time to understand the variable and what it does enough to name it.
  23. I would recommend taking a look at how Actually Additions does it in the item Tooltip event. They did it really well https://github.com/Ellpeck/ActuallyAdditions/blob/7608a3af3d5184c78b422a095ca42b2c98069462/src/main/java/de/ellpeck/actuallyadditions/mod/event/ClientEvents.java#L74-L172
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