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  1. Also a GitHub link is very helpful if you have one, it allows you and us to see errors that might jump out at you on another platform
  2. Try deleting then recreating your resources directory. DON'T JUST PASTE your files back in, recreate every file & folder from scratch, or copy minecraft's version inside and delete everything you don't need. I had an issue where I had some very small problem with my lang file and had to do this
  3. com.feed_the_beast.ftbutilities this mod is responsible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_overflow#Infinite_recursion
  4. theres quite a few things wrong with your code, Im short on sleep so sorry for being blunt. 1) Proxies are for making sure that code is run only on one side. A common proxy doesn't make sense 2) ModelLoader has to be called in PreInit OR its Registry Event. 3) switch to using Registry Events instead of your initClient (why is it in your event subscriber class if it doesn't subscribe to anything?), as they allow for greater control over everything, knowing your code will be called at the right time, and many other important things. 4) the "assets" being prepended hints to me that something is not right with your file tree.
  5. Never use ItemModelMesher Please post your code "assets/testmod:blockstates/testblock.json" Why is assets prepended? is it part of your mod id??? the assets part should not be part of your ResourceLocation, a proper ResourceLocation would look like this "MOD_ID:PATH". assets and any other directories would be automatically prepended to your ResourceLocation, depending on the context
  6. in your Main mod class or in your common Event Subscriber class I forgot @SubscribeEvent heres what the code should look like @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = Reference.ID) public class CommonEventSubscriber { @SubscribeEvent //having the method be static is IMPORTANT public static void onSmelt(final ItemSmeltedEvent event) { if(event.smelting.getItem() instanceof ItemPanWithDough) //spawn in item; } }
  7. public static void onSmelt(final ItemSmeltedEvent event) { if(event.smelting.getItem() instanceof ItemPanWithDough) //spawn in item; } Look at how the furnace normally drops its items when broken. I would however recommend making your own furnace (oven?) that supports having fuel, pan and dough, pan, and bread in it all at the same time
  8. Wow, this is REALLY old, and probably completely obsolete, but here it is
  9. I think that your weight should definitely never be 0, try changing it to something like 3 I don't understand what your trying to do in your world gen class, but having private WorldGenerator gen_blueberry; public realFoodsWorldGenerator() { gen_blueberry = new WorldGenBush(realfoodsBlocks.BLUEBERRY_PLANT); } is probably not good Here is a link to my perfectly working generator if it helps https://github.com/Cadiboo/WIPTech/blob/9ecbff1ab981930f9351fdeb38ffdea3c820a94f/src/main/java/cadiboo/wiptech/world/WorldGen.java
  10. I believe there a couple posts on here about how to do it. I think it has something to do with hooking into the furnace's onBake event, checking if its your item that was cooked and dropping the pan if it was
  11. You can't make it stay in the Inventory because of how furnaces work, but you can make the furnace drop your pan when it smelts your pan filled with dough into bread
  12. ... migrate what? your mod? yes you will, but you will have to do less work when migrating it.
  13. Its my personal opinion, get it done now - while you are still making your mod - and have less work in the future
  14. This is one way to do it - and probably the way you want to do it right now, but it will no longer work in future versions because metadata is being removed in 1.13. If you are planing on continuing to support your mod into 1.13 and beyond I would highly recommend not using metadata. Many people use metadata to avoid creating multiple classes, forgetting that you can instantiate the same class multiple times to create many items. Here is a good topic on this subject:
  15. Metadata is being removed in 1.13, If you are planing on continuing to support your mod into 1.13 and beyond I would highly recommend not using metadata. My WIFI is dying on me and keeps posting comments twice. Read the comment below
  16. Thats a pretty hilarious error, and some pretty bad software gore. You can try deleting that file. Please post your full crash report & log
  17. have you done debugging to find out what code is called? I don't know how you have done this but I believe it is impossible and that you need to put @Mod.EventBusSubscriber OR @EventBusSubscriber above your ClientEventHandler class and make your onRenderWorld method static. Also why is there public ClientEventHandler() { } ?
  18. Post your code (we have no idea when & where this is being called etc), Post logs, Preferably post a GitHub
  19. He did better than this, he told you the solution to your problem & didn't make you find it yourself. He then not-so-subtly hinted that you might want to do some extra homework about java because if you don't know that there wold probably be some other holes in your knowledge that will trip you up in the future
  20. it seems you are trying to improve performance. Why don't you make tickable TileEntities with something like if (getWorld().getWorldTime() % 200 != 0) return; in their update() methods? them? this makes them only update every 10 seconds (world time is in ticks, 20 ticks per second)
  21. Or download a JSON plugin for eclipse like JSON Editor 1.1.1 from the Eclipse Marketplace Help > Eclipse MarketPlace It allows you to read, modify, create etc all JSON files inside eclipse & provides syntax correction (very helpful for missing commas or quotation marks)
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