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  1. Great! Please tag your topic with the Minecraft version and mark it as solved to help people in the future. You can change the title by editing the first post and changing the title to "[SOLVED] [1.12.2] Forge server crashes on launch".
  2. You NEED to use java version 8, minecraft and minecraft-forge will not run on any other version
  3. I might be barking up the wrong tree, but what java version are you using? and in future can you post the entire log (preferably in a spoiler though github/pastebin are ok)
  4. Probably the most common comment on posts in Support & Bug Reports is something along the lines of "We can't do anything without logs". I think that putting a little reminder the Create Topic window saying to always post your logs would be very useful. Just something small along the lines of "If you are asking for support with a problem you are having we need your logs to help you. Detailed instructions on how to locate your Minecraft folder and then find your logs and crash reports can be found at https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/.minecraft. Please post all logs inside a spoiler (click the eye icon)." I recommend that this should be placed above or below the main content box. (Indicated with the Aqua lines) Also reminding people to tag their posts with the version in the title would be helpful. Thanks for your consideration!
  5. Create a new topic Also, use the Installer instead of the Universal if possible.
  6. Try disabling all micdoodle8 mods
  7. Your crash report should be in %APPDATA%\.minecraft\crash-reports\crash<DATE><client | server>.txt Your log should be in %APPDATA%\.minecraft\logs\latest.log
  8. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/302116/dont-have-a-minecraft-folder-on-windows-10-pc https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/.minecraft
  9. Thanks! That helps a lot! Try disabling Brandons core & any mods that use it. It doesn't seem to be the problem from the log, but it has been known to cause a whole lot of problems. You seem to be having a similar problem to the person from this thread. Look at that comment and try removing the mods (if you have them) that I say to remove in that post I can't say exactly what your problem is, you can try removing your mods one by one to find the problematic one(s) by trial and error, or you can wait for someone who might have more experience in this area to possibly try and help you.
  10. Your crash report should be in <MINECRAFT_FOLDER>/crash-reports/crash<DATE><client | server>.txt Your log should be in <MINECRAFT_FOLDER>/logs/latest.log
  11. Looks to me as though you've done everything perfectly so far. Can you please
  12. Where exactly did you download forge from? Does it show the forge logo & progress bars while loading? What stage of loading does it get to?
  13. 1) Post your crash log and/or your latest.log in a spoiler (click the eye icon when making a post) 2) What EXACT forge version are you using (you should be using the LATEST RECOMMENDED VERSION which is currently version 1.12.2 - 3) HOW did you install forge? Did you use the Installer or the Universal? 4) what version of Java are you using? Minecraft & MinecraftForge & Mods will not work on anything other than Java 8 5) What mods do you have installed 6) Be more specific - What exactly have you tried to do to fix this problem, did anything help at all?
  14. 1.7 is not supported on this forum. Update to 1.12 and use an ISmartModel
  15. Wheres your log? I'm not enough of a tech genius (I'm not sure anyone is) to just look at a picture and be able to tell you your problem & the fix for it. Please post your log inside a Spoiler (click the Eye icon to insert one). It should be called latest.log and be in your minecraft folder. Also please post a list of mods installed and the server log (or your friends log if you are trying to play on their LAN server). If your trying to revive support... insulting the people who made the thing is probably not the best way to attract quality answers.
  16. Dragons stay alive after death to show their death beaming thing. You can see this by shooting them with projectiles very fast when they are "dead", they will still get knocked back, and if knocked back far enough will start moving around again. They also start rotating in apparently random directions when hit at this stage. Hope this helps
  17. they probably (definitely) do have it
  18. Theres nothing wrong in either of these logs that I can see
  19. I assume you mean -Xms#G and -Xmx#G Post the log/crash report with the most recent modification date. If there aren’t any then make sure that Minecraft is launching at all.
  20. Please post updates code, I think you might want to override doesSneakBypassUse (I think that’s the name of the method) or use Events
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