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  1. Have you searched the forums for similar topics? If I remember correctly there was a topic about something very similar not long ago, and I think the person posted their working code at the end. EDIT- have a read of this http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/topic/63240-1122-checking-a-specific-container-for-items/
  2. go to \%AppData% not \AppData AppData is a hidden system directory that is used to store program data files. You can get to your Mods folder by opening minecraft and using to to open your Resource Packs folder, then going up a folder. In that folder there should be an empty folder named Mods. Create a desktop shortcut to it, whatever you like - your mods go here
  3. To anyone with the same problem, I fixed it by creating an entirely new mod. I made every file through eclipse's New Class option, didn't copy/paste any old files and then pasted in the code from my old mod. I think that this issue may have been caused by some issue with the encoding of the file or invisible info text at the start of the file. Something interesting is that the file that works is 3bytes smaller that the file that doesn't. However the contents of the 2 lang files are exactly the same. The Icon of the non-working file is an executable whereas the Icon of the working file is a blank page. The type of the non-working file is "text" and the type of the working file is "TextEdit".
  4. By start the game I assume you mean you can also play normally? If so this means that your mods (almost certainly) aren't updated to 1.10.2 make sure to update all the mods to the right version
  5. Its an awesome mod idea, however not really compatible with tile entities, and who want a flying base without any storage or machines on it
  6. Disable all of Thut's mods and post the log. also when you post your crash log please copy & paste the text from the file into a spoiler
  7. You should probably add support for setting up grade on macs for example you need to use ./gradlew instead of gradlew and also that bat files don't work on macs.
  8. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum. Please start a new topic in future, rather that replying to old topics. I can see parts of your crash report showing that you might not be using 1.7.10. If your trying to make your mod in a current version of minecraft start a new topic with your issue Also, please put your code into a spoiler for easier reading
  9. use Color Codes. http://minecraft.tools/en/color-code.php (use the MOTD one) Example of something I use in my mod (the first line is in orange/gold + Italics. the next line is normal white) For the commands, look at how vanilla does it in the books. you wouldn't be limited by vanilla commands though, you could directly call your own java code
  10. WIPTechMod.java RegistryEventHandler.java WIPTechModCommonProxy.java WIPTechModClientProxy.java ItemBase.java ModItems.java ItemCopperIngot.java Reference.java Log If I forgot anything that could fix the problem let me know!!!
  11. - the lang file still isn't read from when I export the mod - Re downloaded forge mdk and set it up in a different folder - created a new lang file - still doesn't work
  12. Aight, sorry for telling you to downgrade java, I've had a lot of problems (Including one on a Windows 10 computer that gave the a very similar error) that were solved solely by downgrading java.
  13. Sorry, the only fix I've ever needed was correcting the java version. If this isn't forge related why is he on the forge forums and not minecraft forums/support?
  14. Look at net.minecraft.world.gen.structure.StructureVillagePieces.class Specifically at Field1 and Field2, I don't know how (you might need to make a coremod) but you could add another crop to the list of crops to pick from. You should also look at how Binnies Extra Trees adds their hops. You could create another field too that would only spawn in desert villages
  15. I believe its influenced by Posts and Reputation
  16. Your problem is that you aren't using the proper version of java for minecraft. Minecraft uses Java 8 Update 151 (Java 8u151). In non-modded minecraft java is included inside the application, however with modding this isn't really feasible considering the amount of instances of minecraft etc. Please read this topic to understand how to make your java the right version. This topic was for a mac user, if your not a mac user the steps are similar, but not the same.
  17. I hope you mean java update 151 not 161 also can you post your FML log any error logs?
  18. Minecraft, Forge and Gradlew all use Java 8u151. Having a different Java version will cause the fatal java error that you posted. Java is the same across all operating systems. That is the entire point of the language. You never said that you weren't on a mac. The title of the thread is misleading as his problem was that he was using the wrong java version. Does this mean that you have successfully downgraded to java 8u151 and DELETED every other version of Java? If not this article might help you https://it.uoregon.edu/reverting-java-windows
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