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  1. Yes, i know what the final modifier make, i say me that final modifier was not allowed as i use the ++ Operator, and this can‘t work with the final keyword. So i yet just have ID, without ++. Sorry, i was dumb. I just notate that i copied from the other class.
  2. So, i am trying to make as you have say it, but i not understand what msg is, i searched with crtl + shift + T and i found 2 classes, and if i search on google i find Jms, and this don‘t is what i need. But really thanks @loordgek!
  3. Learn Github Basics, USe Github Desktop for this. If you have troubles then learn before the basics. I say the same as draco has say before.
  4. @LexManos How do you know that it don‘t was using Java 8? I am curious…
  5. Send your crash-report on Github and your whole mod, if you don‘t really work to share your mod via Github to let us help you then we can‘t do anything for you… I can‘t find the line from the error was incoming, and if i know it then i still don‘t can really help you. Pls use Github as many others Users has say it.
  6. @Alpvax I know this is basic IDE and Java, but i never work with Debugging, so i am asking me what you do want to make… @Drachenbauer, hope it help you (see that i quoted, it was into drachenbauer32.coloredflowerpotsmod.init.ColoredFlowerPotsItems the line 65)
  7. Why i message? I have think that i need to use my Network class for using the getRunningGoals() function, as the returned stream was always null… Ok, if you think. Thanks, it help me to know how to use it.
  8. @loordgek here is my code. I found a method to register my Buffer: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/Main.java#L75 But i have no idea on how to use it: So i not know what i can send to the server. Thanks for trying to help me!
  9. Thanks for the links, it help me a little bit, but what i need to send to the server? This is what i really not am understanding…
  10. Why Forge not have this option? Anyway thanks for the link, i am reading it. But can i simply not use the by Minecraft provided PacketBuffer class? Then if i have created my class (if), then how to use it with my function? Yes, the link show me a example, but it not really help me…
  11. @loordgek 1.13 is outdated, and i have see this site, but it not helped me out.
  12. Ok thanks, but now where can i find a tutorial about PacketBuffer: @Ugdhar, @Cadiboo, @desht or @loordgek???
  13. @Ugdhar, i should send a PacketBuffer, but i have a many questions: why and how.
  14. Yes, if i remember good, then it was a problem with the spawn egg, but i just look how Cadiboo has done and i resolved it or it was another Problem.
  15. Whats Line? Thanks I not have ask for help with my problem (i already resolved this), but on how to read in general all type of log. Thanks, now i know a little more on how to attempt this.
  16. @loordgek this is a example: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/Minecraft-Modding-Logs/blob/master/crash-2020-02-14_23.00.49-client.txt This is a old crashlog that i resolved.
  17. @loordgek, so i need to use @OnlyIn(Dist.SERVER)? So thanks, i will try! What is a packet? Ok, now i am lost.
  18. No, i mean this in general. Here was a method to read any sort of log, or not? This is my question. I yet not have a problem (outside from my entity problem that the stream was empty, no, i not have any problem). But thanks for replying.
  19. I think this is more data/resources packs. If you want replace all animals with others then you need was definitively a mod or at least knowledge in Json.
  20. Hi, i have see a lot of users that have start its game, then it has stop and its received a great (crash) log, not only these users but i self included. So, when i am getting a crash, i try to read its log, but i never full understand where i should see… Can here explain how logs to read logs, a sort of mini-tutorial? Pls.
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