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  1. So, if we change something in github (and you approve), then it will change the Forge docu?
  2. And because the most modder has forgot how to mod in this versions. 1.7 is a lot different from 1.15 for example, so if you try to make your own mod, then the only place you can ask are tutorials, as these are made while 1.7 was the lastest method. it‘s passed i. Think more as 3 years, so… Hope it help
  3. Try to delete this mod, else contact the developer that has made this mod.
  4. Read the blue gui above your topic name
  5. You always need to send the crash-log
  6. Read LTS, 1.14 and moving forward above your topic title in a blue GUI.
  7. I think it's a Mojang problem, or am I using it wrong? Because otherwise it's impossible to get a goal, and the function «getRunningGoals()» is also useless @desht, my entity extends Agreableentity, like a pig, and i don‘t think that a passive entity has a revengetarget.
  8. I know you edited and now it work, but if you can then stop using the old registration method and make as diesieben07 has say: Use DeferredRegister. You can find tutorials videos on youtube.
  9. I think you that scale return a new size, then you need to change the entity size (i am writing from mobile, so i don‘t really know), but if a have right then you should make something like: entity.size = scaledsize
  10. @loordgek It can‘t be possible, so i not understand.
  11. @loordgek, thanks for replying! I not am a expert in Java, but it always return false. It not should be the case. I am trying to make a animation if the entity was attacked and the Panic Goal was activated, i kill all my entity (i not have add a regular spawn) and attack the entity, but the Logger always say me that it was false, but i attacked the entity, so it can‘t be was false (as it run in a random position, so it was false), so i not understand why it was always false.
  12. Can you make a Github repo for this? I am sure that it will be help others modders, and as it was in the 1.15.2, this would really help. P.S.: I not understand your system, can you explain it? It looks very interesing.
  13. @immortalmice, sorry, i not really work with NBT Datas, and i not know it and it utility, but then it should be like a Bow, only that you use a NBT Data, no? Hope it help you.
  14. Why not use Blockbench? Here you can create your Object and then play around with the Position, rotation, and how it will be look in the Inventory, …. Hope it help.
  15. I really not know GL11 and Java Vectors3, but i would say you that try to get the Position of a Block, then transform it into a 2D Vector, also try to get the Position on the screen (for example: if the position of your Block is (0,0,0), and your Camera perfect loo the Block, then it Position on the Screen should be: Vector2.new(Screen.X/2, Screen.Y/2)). Make the same with the other Block and use a function to write your line. I am more familiar with Lua, and in a Lua engine here was a function that was called „FindPositionOnScreen“, hope it was the same as in java, else try to write your own FindPositionOnScreen.
  16. So, with the school i not have much time, but i tried to do what i can. I searched a lot about streams and optional, and this is what i actually have: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/entities/UnicornEntity.java#L45 Now it say me that the optional was empty, i really not know why, as my entity walk, look me, if i attack it it flee (The panic), etc…. So i need help. I have done all what i have can do in the Java basic side, but i think that this was a problem more related to modding as Java basic. I have see the Vanilla of getRunningGoals, so normally it should work, so why it don‘t work?
  17. @DrachenbauerOk, for placing a entity you need a spawnegg. Cadiboo has make a method to create, register and use Spawnegggs but that are registered with the deferredregister. But the Problem with the DeferredRegister is that when you are trying to place the entity then the game crash and it say you that the RegistryObject was not found (RegistryObject = Your entity). This was caused because the egg was registered before the entity, so when you use the egg you spawn null and it cause a crash. Now the other part of the code is to make that when you use the Spawnegg, that you are sure that the entity was before registered, so that when you spawn it it not cause a game crash.
  18. @Drachenbauer https://github.com/Cadiboo/Example-Mod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/io/github/cadiboo/examplemod/item/ModdedSpawnEggItem.java. I say it just see Cadiboo Github.
  19. @DrachenbauerYes, i tried, then compared it with Cadiboo Spawnegg and now it work fine. For these that need to make a Spawnegg with DeferredRegister just see Cadiboo github
  20. @kirstym you should see this: https://github.com/DaRealTurtyWurty/1.15-Tut-Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/turtywurty/tutorialmod/util/helpers/KeyboardHelper.java. Then the next time you need help then pls show your Code on Github or paste the full class on Forge, but not one part.
  21. Ok, i not am very good with this things, and as i have see the tutorial of @TurtyWurty, i have found a thing that can work, but i not am very good with Blockpos in Minecraft. I have see the Github about the tutorialmod: https://github.com/DaRealTurtyWurty/1.15-Tut-Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/turtywurty/tutorialmod/tileentity/QuarryTileEntity.java I would need help on reading, then i have some troubles with reading the code. Should i create a separate Topic or not? Anyway i first not understand why Turty is doing this: Block.spawnDrops(blockstate, world, this.pos.add(0, 1.5, 0), tileentity, entity, ItemStack.EMPTY); Normally we not need to spawn Blocks manually, or i am false? Then this: world.playEvent(2001, pos, Block.getStateId(blockstate)); What does this code snippet make? But am most i not understand why it should return a boolean, why onBlockDestroyed Event and other similar events do return a boolean and not something else?
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