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  1. If you really want to use forge and minecraft then use Java 8.
  2. Pls update your topic title. Hope it help you.
  3. And your Topic title has say that you are using Forge in the 1.14.4 ?
  4. Ehm, don‘t understand your question 100% but you can simply use a shapeless recipe and use your item as a ingredient, or not? Or try to use a event and when the player hold the new item you add the old item in the inventory of the player.
  5. I am new with Server and client things, does the server automatically update the client? If yes then i will try to use your method.
  6. No, i not am on a server, normally i should update the client and the server, or not?
  7. Spamming is when you repeat the same words, don‘t make that The installer log is the same as the crash report. If you have tried to download Forge and it send you this message, then it should write you :„Crash report was saved in: …“. If you are using Windwos then go in Folder and write the localization of the crash report.
  8. Yes, sorry. First i want to see if my code work. Do you know a simple Method to get the ServerPlayer in my Item class? If it was possible, can i get the ServerPlayer from LivingEntity?
  9. The crashlog is incomplete, can you send a link to github with your mod?
  10. @imacatlolol, nope, still don‘t work: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/client/models/ModelUnicorn.java#L306
  11. I have tried but it don‘t work, why? The Github link: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/init/ModItems.java#L39
  12. What‘s Minecraft Version? Then show your capability.
  13. Ok, i am trying to attempt this P.S.: if i filter this: .filter(goal -> goal.getClass() == PanicGoal.class).findFirst() then i am sure to get my PanicGoal, or not?
  14. @imacatlolol, and filter return another stream, then i still need the findFirst().
  15. I know streams (ehm, yes, i am trying two methods, but thanks, i will try the filter if my other plan dont work)
  16. GetRunningGoals return a stream, i can‘t just picking the panic goal.
  17. Hi, @Hamster_Furtif, do you have planed to add a enderdragon mask?
  18. I already have make this and this don‘t answer my question. Ok, this is the answer what i want. I will try!
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