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  1. Ok, why you need to calculate limbswing? you need to multiply it and it should work. I repeat it, just try.
  2. This not wonder me, you have used system.out.println(), but in modding you muss use the Logger.
  3. see vanilla (the third .jar file, the extra-client.jar file)
  4. Try with something like: new ItemStack, and then insert the passing parameters.
  5. Your EntityModel need a Type (T was standing for Type, see Generics, and yes, the Characters you use are important, you can‘t use a character that dosen‘t match with Generics Char.), the Type that your Model class need was your entity or something else: i recommend you to remove the <T extends Entity> part and insert in the place of SemgentedModel<T> SemgentedModel<CoralEntity>, @Drachenbauer. Then i am curious: How do you have make that your entity now have semi-transparent parts? Can you say it, this can help further people. And pls say it to your other topic:
  6. Yes, but you need to register the modbus or something else in your main class (am writing from mobile and have forgot the name). If you still need help then pls provide a link to your Github
  7. Ok, it don‘t make much sense, but it is your mod. If here was one thing that i do not recommend is to copy a entire class and then simply change the name: never do this. If you really need to do it with that class the simply extends and override, else you will receive problems with Mojang then you have violate the copyright terms. Ok, i never worked with chest, but i think that this was incorrect. You can put things while you are in the client side, yes, but first the items are not synchronized with the server. I don‘t know if this was true, but i think that this can cause that when a new chunk was loaded and the chunk, in them was your chest, was lose, then you will lose all your items that are in the chest since the don‘t are stored in the server. Second: yes, maybe you can‘t take out items (as you don‘t stored it in the server), but then the chest don‘t will have much sense: A Chest is to contain items, not a sort of trash in them you simply can put you items (like diamonds) and never can retrieve that what you have put in (yes, i know: bad english, and else you are making a troll mod i don‘t much understand).
  8. Ok, i never edited a creative tab, so sorry but i can‘t help you. Ok, i am actually not working with ItemStack, but when i read then i see that it was a List.
  9. Ok, if i correctly have understand then you need to go into your itemgroup class, override ItemGroup.fill (Use your IDE: write fill and then press Crtl + Spacebar). Finally you need to do something with the super and yes, hope it work.
  10. @Drachenbauer, first the topic was asking on how to make this in the 1.7.10 (A lot of methods have changed from 1.7.10 and 1.15.2), then 1.7.10 is no longer supported. If the modder really has needed help then he has bumping, i think he found a solution, but forgot to say it. Pls only reply on modern Topics.
  11. I need the crash report pls, else without we can‘t read where is your mistake.
  12. Ok, Java is really important if you want to mod (remember to learn Java 8, not more modern versions).
  13. Learn Java basic: event.getRegistry().register(new ChiselItem().setRegistryName("chisel_item");
  14. Yes, i know: This is the reason i linked my Github Folder, so that you can find the error you self.
  15. Ok, @YuriNa162, see my GitHub: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/resources/data/fantasymod/recipes/rainbow_ingot_from_rainbow_block.json
  16. Yes, i tried to use booleans to check first if my entity is in moving movement but the false boolean is never become true, this is why i re-ask here. And yes, i have see a tutorial on how the debugging on eclipse work.
  17. @DaemonUmbra, do you know why Mojang is using a so old Version of Java? Java 13 is much better as the 8, then just why?
  18. What Version of Java are you using? Then show the crash log. Another user has the (hope) same issue:
  19. Ok, i am new with debugging and breakpoints, and i have tried with breakpoints and it work, i am learning how it work, but it was still impossible: How i can make that i active the PanicGoal (Attack the entity) and an the same time use breakpoints? Don‘t know if this was only happen to me, but once i started the breakpoint and debug mod i can‘t more try and enter to my Minecraft world.
  20. Read it, 1.12.2 is no longer supported, but i hope that we can still help you (This was General Discussion, we can still help or not). Anyway i self don‘t know whats the best mod, i am curios.
  21. Yes, just set the name of your item as the same name of the Vanilla and it should work. (i hope it work, try before with creating a custom item)
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