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  1. Sorry, but server logs are for me total other as the normal mod‘s logs, so i not really can help you.
  2. So, i still need a answer: Why Mojang has this two functions?
  3. I have see in a mod, that it use the LivingAnimation function, i still wonder why: @Override public void setLivingAnimations(T entityIn, float limbSwing, float limbSwingAmount, float partialTick) { this.partialTicks = partialTick; } So, the only difference between setRotationAngles and setLivingAnimations is only that setLivingAnimations has lesser parameters, but a partialTick parameter? Else it are identical? When it was this, so could someone say it me, pls?
  4. Can you send us your crash.report if this still don‘t work?
  5. Ok, then say us when you found a solution, it look important and will maybe help others modders
  6. Override is typical Java. If you don‘t know Java 8 then learn this before you begin. Java has a JavaDoc, in them you can see what methods or functions can make. Hope this will help you
  7. Ok, what is then the motive that this function exist? It‘s the same as the other, so i not understand, and if i see Vanilla code, it not help me… For example the Horse model: Its use the two things, and the setLivingAnimations is greater as the setRotationAnimations, so i not know…
  8. https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.15.1/forge/1.0-gradle-configuration/ https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.15.1/forge/1.1-importing-project/
  9. Hope this help you @ChampionAsh5357 (P.S.: I like your videos, thanks a lot) :
  10. So, it was the same as the other function?
  11. So, my real question: Is this feature important at all, why does it exist and when should I use it? The main problem is that I just can't tell the two apart. For example, when I look at the other function, I see that the only difference are the parameters: one (SetLiving) has a partialtick while the other (setRotation) has multiple parameters. So I don't see an important difference, for me the two are the same, do you see a difference? Second: Why does it exist at all? And last, when should I use it? For example: I can use an attack animation in the setRotationAngles function as well as in the setLivingAnimation, so I don't see any difference again. Or the same with a panic animation. The (really) last question: So if I do a walk animation, and if there is any difference at all, then where should I really use it? Most mods use it in the setRotationAngles function, but what if it's wrong?
  12. Wow, it really works, thanks a lot! I just need to work a bit with my animation, my animation now play to fast, and i not know why… But really thanks for your help.
  13. Hope it help: You can use world.isRemote or @EventBusSubscriber(MODID, bus = EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD, value = Dist.CLIENT) or @Side(Dist.CLIENT). Hope it will help you.
  14. When i for example see the FoxModel class, i can‘t make the difference.
  15. So, i see the HorseModel class, but with see the functions and variables i still don‘t understand because the mappings was not so advanced. So i bump: Why setLivingAnimations actually exist?
  16. So, i don‘t want to write a new topic, so i have another question: why Mojang use Java 8 and not the most Version of Java, so Java 13?
  17. Yes, why? (Oh, yes, i just remembered that Forge has a Discord Server, in them i can write so questions, sorry)
  18. Thanks you a very much! Sorry if i annoy you. I just am curious: What is dataManger? i have see this in others in the others entity‘s, but never have understand what it really make. The rest i can understand (only a couple of things). This will really help others modder. So, here is only one thing that i not understand: public boolean isPanic() { return this.goalSelector.getRunningGoals().anyMatch(goal -> goal.getGoal().getClass() == PanicGoal.class); } @Override public void tick() { super.tick(); if (!world.isRemote) { if (isPanic() && !dataManager.get(PANIC)) { dataManager.set(PANIC, true); } else dataManager.set(PANIC, false); } } When before my isPanic function don‘t has work, so why it should be work here, only as here we get it from the client side? And with this my Packet/Channel will be useless… And why DataManagers are useful? Really thank for your help (If you want i can add you into my Mod credits…)!
  19. Thanks for you very great help, this is what i now have: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/entities/UnicornEntity.java#L51 https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/client/models/ModelUnicorn.java#L308 Is here any way to get the Player or i just can replace: public boolean CompareGoal(Class<PanicGoal> TargetGoal, PlayerEntity player) { PacketHandler.INSTANCE.send(PacketDistributor.TRACKING_ENTITY.with(()->player), PanicMessage.class); LOGGER.info("The ReturnValue will be: " + this.goalSelector.getRunningGoals().anyMatch(goal -> goal.getGoal().getClass() == TargetGoal)); return this.goalSelector.getRunningGoals().anyMatch(goal -> goal.getGoal().getClass() == TargetGoal); } with this: public boolean CompareGoal(Class<PanicGoal> TargetGoal, PlayerEntity player) { PacketHandler.INSTANCE.send(PacketDistributor.TRACKING_ENTITY.noArg(), PanicMessage.class); LOGGER.info("The ReturnValue will be: " + this.goalSelector.getRunningGoals().anyMatch(goal -> goal.getGoal().getClass() == TargetGoal)); return this.goalSelector.getRunningGoals().anyMatch(goal -> goal.getGoal().getClass() == TargetGoal); } It just was a question @loordgek.
  20. Thanks Ok, this i understand, but i not understand why i not need to set it… Ok, i will try.
  21. I can‘t find any method in the PlayerEntity or ServerPlayerEntity or Chunk class, and i can‘t find any tutorial about this, so…
  22. Ok, so, now i only need to get the Chunk of the player, any idea? This is what i have(yes, it was false i know): https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/entities/UnicornEntity.java#L48 I read it into the link you sendet me…
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