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  1. ITickHandler needs to be registered at FMLCommonHandler.instance().registerTickHandler(<instanceofmyitickhandlerclass>);
  2. Information here including what to do: https://github.com/cpw/FML/wiki/FML-mod-information-file if you ship a jar always call it mcmod.info. the special naming mod_....info is mostly just for forge itself.
  3. Kinniken, in eclipse yes i have two projects: project 1 (client side) depends on the forge-client and has "client" and "common". project 2 depends on forge-server and has "server" and "common". Works very well and is quite robust. Just make sure you check both sides for errors before you do a build push. If you look in my projects you'll see there's an ant build script that can help by pushing all the "manual" work of rebuilding/reobfuscating the code for both client and server. (I also have an unshared version that is tentatively pushing a bukkit build too ). I recommend you start by putting everything in common and then just peeling out enough that client and server compile. I also strongly recommend you use your own packages for your mod. that way you don't clutter up the net.minecraft.src package namespace. Finally, the @SidedProxy is useful (for me) because it lets the mod loader load in the right "sided" class for client or server into my mod. I use that as a proxy to access side specific behaviour without having to code duplication everywhere.
  4. MLMP is pretty much dead. Most mods that used it have already migrated away. Tell the author of Little Blocks to update.
  5. Github repos need git to access them. Github has a crapton of help. Or you can just view them through the browser if you want to simply reference them... Bukkit does require a "bukkit" version be generated- this is mostly a matter of converting the MCP based API to the bukkit based one. There are a variety of solutions to this and it's an active area of research at the minute- for now, assume that once you've built your mcp based SMP version, there will be a way to create a bukkit version from it. I will refer you to mcportcentral.co.za for examples from other mods that do this right now, though the process there is a little bit clunky at times On your last question there is no information that I have seen at all. I believe there's "hidden" work on the API going on, but that the 1.3 changes are so that the API (which is likely 1.4) can be SMP only...
  6. These questions were one of the main reasons we decided to do fml client now rather than wait for 1.3. For fml (I cannot speak for forge) my goal is that everything you have right now will live on into 1.3, in some fashion. Things that no longer will make sense on the client side (game ticks f.e.) will probably stop working, but only on the client side. As for your bukkit question: I maintain the port of forge for bukkit so hopefully that will continue as long as the bukkit project itself does. To your overall question now is the time to plan smp forge smp (esp for custom entities) is very strong now. I recommend you use forge and start planning. Smp migration though not trivial is not as hard as it might appear. I refer you to iron chest and compact solars as two projects on github that you can examine for organizational tips so you don't have to fork everything in your code base for amp. Github.com/cpw/iron chest and github.com/cow/compactsolars Hope this helps!
  7. OK. I am unable to recreate this problem in a testing environment. Transformers always sorts correctly. Can you verify with a recent version of forge and original naming?
  8. Undefined, you installed modloader, after forge. That much is clear and certain. However, I want to know what else you installed to the jar file? Can you please list exactly what you copied in to the jar file where and when please? I want to make sure we can always detect what you've done and tell you- but I need to know what you done first
  9. You appear to have a paulscode in your mods dir. Try renaming your mods folder and then starting again..
  10. Check out mcportcentral.could.za- there we maintain a branch of bukkit that includes a specially ported forge and fml. The community will be able to help you run your server..
  11. This is an fml bug, please file a ticket at github.com/cpw/FML. Thanks!
  12. Just as an FYI this is a serious bug that the rename is required and I will be fixing it once I have access to my development environment. It basically means that what I thought I had done to stabilize my topological sort has actually subtly broken it, so thanks for the report!
  13. OK, this must be a bug in the sort stabilization I performed for mod sorting.
  14. pet, we are 100% incompatible with mcpatcher. Do not use, at all, with minecraft forge. It does seriously funky things with the minecraft bytecodes. optifine is an advanced HD solution, fml supports basic HD compatibility.
  15. FYI, when I analyzed this (and I spent some time on this) I did not observe this behaviour. Can you indicate your ModLoader "inGameHook" and "inGUIHook" values please? Likely it's a small change to ModLoaderModContainer to accomodate your requirements. If you wish to grab the fml source and send a pull request...
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