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  1. What if it was only called when the player placed a block?
  2. How would one go about doing this if they're using it to restrict blocks added from other mods? Lets say I have custom dimension A and I don't want block B to ever be placed there. Is there a way I can prevent block B from being placed in dimension A? block B would be from another mod.
  3. I guess you could add another slot and override the gui and slot selection so that it scrolls to your slot after slot id 8 and then from yours to slot id 0 instead of from 8 to 0. not sure how hard it would be. I wouldn't recommend making slot id 9 the the next slot though.
  4. don't worry everyone. the problem has been solved!
  5. I think I'll make another attempt at doing this then.
  6. I am very well aware of this. I just don't want to have to make some of my block ids smaller.
  7. I need someone who can code dimensions for my mod. You will need to be able to code it in a way where we are not limited to using block Ids smaller than 256. It would also be great if you know how to program terrain as well. A link to the mod in question would be here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1403995-152-code-lyoko-mod-043-minecraft-forum/
  8. I've been thinking of doing this, but would I have to make my own files that don't use bytes? or would I be able to do this in some other way?
  9. I want to get everyone's opinion on what they think the best way to set up dimensions that use block Ids greater than 256. So what do you think the best way to do this is? I'm open to any idea, whether it's with reflection, making my own world gen files, etc.
  10. like this? https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/handlers/KeyBindingHandler.java
  11. and this would be in a tick handler? or would it be in the update method of the entity?
  12. I'm actually interested in this as well, I want to make a couple of vehicles that can fly. I have looked over the minecart and boat files as well.
  13. You change them to public when working on the source code, but forge automatically makes them public when playing the actual game.
  14. I just want to use a different renderer based on a variable. I'm not doing armor.
  15. that's basically what I do, if it's less than 0 I set it to 0
  16. what he said. his way is more efficient than what I had.
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