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  1. Whenever the player (or any entity) tries to walk on the block (which is half a block tall or less) the block pushes the player out. I'm not sure why this is occuring, but I hope you can help me with it. https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/blocks/BlockHolomap.java https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/render/tileentity/RenderHolomap.java https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/client/ClientProxy.java https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/blocks/ModBlocks.java https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/model/tileentity/ModelHolomap.java
  2. I just thought that it would be the easiest because I use the water texture for my fluid.
  3. I looked but didn't see anything. any suggestions?
  4. I tested out how the fluid added by my mod would render in a buildcraft tank. At first it rendered as the purple and black checkerboard pattern. But then I added .setIcons(Block.waterMoving.getIcon(0, 0)) to where I initialize the fluid. It then appeared as a weird mesh of a couple of vanilla textures. Anyone know how I can get the texture to work correctly?
  5. the only way to have more than 16 meta is by having custom chunk files. I looked in the minecraft code, and it's saved as nibbles (half a byte) so you'd need to either make a core mod that changes that, or make them specific to a custom dimension.
  6. that's what I tried. if i make it overlap into other blocks, it doesn't work. it doesn't allow you to put the mouse over a part of another block and work.
  7. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but ok.
  8. I know how to change it when the player mouses over the block, but how do I make the area they can put the mouse on larger than one block?
  9. I helped him with this. this has been solved.
  10. you could make use a world gen file like I use. although mine is smaller than a chunk. https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/world/WorldGenTower.java https://github.com/Cortex-Modders/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/world/StructureTower.java
  11. here's the classes I used for setting up my armor https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/items/ModItems.java https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/items/ArmorLyoko.java
  12. you do know you can use one class for an entire set of armor. right? in fact, in my mod, I use one armor class for 5 sets of armor.
  13. do you have multiple armor sets? or are you doing one armor class per item?
  14. put it in the onArmorTickUpdate method which is in the armor class
  15. if (player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(4) != null && player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(3) != null && player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(2) != null && player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(1) != null) { if(this.armorType == 0) { ItemStack helmet = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(4); ItemStack chest = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(3); ItemStack legs = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(2); ItemStack boots = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(1); if (helmet.getItem() == HELMET && chest.getItem() == CHESTPLATE && legs.getItem() == LEGS && boots.getItem() == BOOTS) { player.capabilities.disableDamage = true; } } } else if ((player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(4) == null || player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(3) == null || player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(2) == null || player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(1) == null) && !player.capabilities.isCreativeMode) { player.capabilities.disableDamage = false; }
  16. I'm not at my house atm but I'll give you some code when I get home.
  17. check if the player is wearing all the armor. and if they are, set the player invincible.
  18. when I call this in onArmorTickUpdate in my armor class, it doesn't do anything ((EntityPlayerMP)player).theItemInWorldManager.setBlockReachDistance(10.0D); any clue why?
  19. yes, lol. we all agree that we shouldn't download that.
  20. I know, I just thought I'd try to give suggestions. I don't think it's forge's job either
  21. well, then it seems like there's no good way to protect against it if you can just edit it with java byte code.
  22. what if you put it on the internet so it checks if it's code is the same as the one on the internet? you could easily do that with dropbox
  23. why do you need a session?
  24. couldn't you just put the key in a critical file for the mod? that way if they want to tamper with the key, they have to know the source code of the mod. and if they want to delete the file, then the mod either crashes or isn't loaded.
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