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  1. I'm using a custom rendered item though so I have two image files (one with one without), I got it working in the ModelAltar class, but when you disconnect/reconnect the block shows up as it were empty then switches back to having a book when you right click it opening the gui. you need to save the texture witch the block is using (not the file, just the name) to the nbt, also to switch gui just put this on onBlockActivacted (or where u call the gui)
  2. Answears 1- 2 - Learn More java, the core module its like an engine for your mod, so anyone (99%) will not help you 3 - Take a look at LoaderSorter, the unique method that i know to do that, its make you mod file starts with the last letter (like Wmymod.zip), as far i know the loader starts to load by the first letter of the mod file, but im sure there ir another way
  3. to make isFlying true try this @Override public void onUpdate(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, Entity par3Entity, int par4, boolean par5) { super.onUpdate(par1ItemStack, par2World, par3Entity, par4, par5); if(par3Entity instanceof EntityPlayer){ EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer)par3Entity; if (player .inventory.hasItem(24537)) { player .capabilities.allowFlying = true; } if (player.capabilities.isFlying == true) { this.setIconIndex(1); }} else { this.setIconInd
  4. just set the entiy posx, posy and posz to the given cordinates...
  5. ... omg tons and tons of stuff (if u read then, u will find isSwiming() or something like this, take a look at renders, i mean the part that render the item in the world)
  6. its because it gens per chunk.(chunks dosent have 400 in a line), the best way, you can check if the chunk exists (there is a function inside World.java, with the given x , y ,z, if yes, checks if has you rail and the rails in a line dosent bigger than 400, and them do the generation). The x, y, z must be the x,y,z of you generation but with x +1, z +1 (or something like this, you may understand what i said);
  7. you can get the ItemStack on the player´s hand, and them remove some items, and them set other items
  8. im at my tablet so i cant help to much you, but what about world.updateBlockForRender?
  9. i dont understand you are trying to make a packet for mcpc bukkit or normal bukkit?, because the normal bukkit dont have the Packet250CustomPayload. Its a forge packet, and you need a packet handler to use him. I dont know if this will work.. if that dont work(im not good with bukkit and packet stuff), you can try as far i know entityplayer its entityhuman in bukkit (just change), but if you will make a version of this mod for vannila just use packet handler, there is some tutorials on the wiki, also a lot of things are obfuscated on bukkit, so the best way its do directl
  10. forge have ml inside, but your ported mod it will not work for smp, and you cant use the forge features(like events, etc...)
  11. why you need the src?, just use onUpdate method or onPlacedBy
  12. that its not the right crash for your problem, please change to the right crash
  13. the better place is bukkit forums or mcpc forums
  14. in your main class you do @PreInit public void registerMyEvents(FMLPreInitializationEvent e){ MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new YOUREVENTCLASS()); } then u create a class with the
  15. change to also make sure you arent giving the wrong instance of your mod
  16. wtf??? u made the topic http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,4746.25.html, just change the range of aabb
  17. you can change from metadata, to nbttag i ItemStack (read and write from nbt)
  18. public void onNeighborBlockChange(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4, int par5) { if (!par1World.isRemote) { int var6 = par1World.getBlockMetadata(par2, par3, par4); boolean var7 = this.canPlaceBlockAt(par1World, par2, par3, par4); if (var7) { this.updateAndPropagateCurrentStrength(par1World, par2, par3, par4); } else { this.dropBlockAsItem(par1World, par2, par3, par4, var6, 0); par1World.setBlockWithNoti
  19. IScheduladedTickHandler (just set to amount of ticks that equals to 5 minutes, then do your things)
  20. to poton helper i dont know, but to make potions yes.
  21. you cant change that, it conected to setBlockBounds(min x, min y, miz, max x, max y,max z), if your block dosent have this, the bounds will be 1 for every argument.
  22. MinecraftForge.addGrassSeed(new ItemStack(args), chances to drop);
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