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Found 5 results

  1. (Note: I am reiterating what I said in my previous post to reach a broader amount of people and hopefully find a solution quicker). I have been trying to add a weapon to the game though I am finding it difficult as the code I have followed from the tutorial uses a recipe, among other things. I am not wanting to use these as I want the weapon to be found in structures. public static final Tier DAMAGED_WAR_AXE = TierSortingRegistry.registerTier( new ForgeTier(1, 175, 5f, 4.0F, 1.5F, ModTags.Blocks.NEEDS_X_TOOL, () -> Ingredient.of(ModItems.X.get())), new ResourceLocation(DroidsAncientRelics.MOD_ID, "x"), List.of(Tiers.X), List.of()); This is what the code looks like, I have used X's to replace what may/may not be needed or what is yet to be used. I am looking for some advice or/and fixed code.
  2. I am wanting to add an axe to my mod though I do not want it to have a recipe, the reason for this being that I want you to only be able to find it in a structure. I have looked on both here and elsewhere on the internet and have found nothing... How would this be done? (Video for reference.)
  3. this little sword like bar i dont know how is called i need to get the value of how much full it is i made some code to increase the horizontal range of mi melee weapons so you don't have to precisely left click on the mob but just close enough to damage it increasing the hitbox of mobs when i attack like 1.5 grow but it has a trouble mi code works regardless of the sword state so you can smacks as fast as your finger allows kinda old minecrafts style i dont want that i want it to work in synchrony whit the sword behave-our in this video i need like 3 hits to kill a zombie whit the vanilla iron sword mi steel sword does the same damage than iron but if i fast click i can damage the zombie like 8 times in the same amount of time the sword only swing like two times to fix this i want to check the state of that sword-like bar way may code only hits if the bar its over 50% or something // ########## ########## ########## ########## @Override public boolean onEntitySwing(ItemStack stack, LivingEntity le) { //System.out.println("onEntitySwing"); if( swordlikebar > 50% ) { searchAndDamageSurroundingEntities(); } return false; }
  4. Hello, I am trying to make a spear item that can be thrown like a trident. Everything works except while the spear is in your hand, it appears as regular item and not a model like the trident. How would I fix this? (I am coding in 1.19.4)
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