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Found 3 results

  1. (Note: I am reiterating what I said in my previous post to reach a broader amount of people and hopefully find a solution quicker). I have been trying to add a weapon to the game though I am finding it difficult as the code I have followed from the tutorial uses a recipe, among other things. I am not wanting to use these as I want the weapon to be found in structures. public static final Tier DAMAGED_WAR_AXE = TierSortingRegistry.registerTier( new ForgeTier(1, 175, 5f, 4.0F, 1.5F, ModTags.Blocks.NEEDS_X_TOOL, () -> Ingredient.of(ModItems.X.get())), new ResourceLocation(DroidsAncientRelics.MOD_ID, "x"), List.of(Tiers.X), List.of()); This is what the code looks like, I have used X's to replace what may/may not be needed or what is yet to be used. I am looking for some advice or/and fixed code.
  2. I am wanting to add an axe to my mod though I do not want it to have a recipe, the reason for this being that I want you to only be able to find it in a structure. I have looked on both here and elsewhere on the internet and have found nothing... How would this be done? (Video for reference.)
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