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  1. Mods are written for a specific Minecraft version. As a general rule they will not work on other versions.
  2. @SidedProxy had its own issues. It really is best to not stringly type your code and let the compiler do its work. I agree that it is a bit of a dirty hack though.
  3. In all versions client only code should be accessed exclusively from other client only code. In most circumstances though it will not crash.
  4. One way around this is to have your second lambda be a method annotated with @OnlyIn. https://github.com/Cadiboo/NoCubes/blob/2cebf4e0e61eac96ab8490d3830f35953a8e9575/src/main/java/io/github/cadiboo/nocubes/network/S2CRemoveTerrainSmoothable.java#L45-L65
  5. Use Block#asItem. Blocks are in net.minecraft.block.Blocks.
  6. Thats your problem. The cause of this problem is that you have betteranimalsplus-1.14.4-8.1.0.jar on the server and betteranimalsplus-1.14.4-8.0.0.jar on the client
  7. I would look at the methods in IWorld and IWorld reader that deal with collision shapes. I’m not sure if they’ve been renamed/unmapped in 1.15.1. Here’s some 1.14.4 code that uses them https://github.com/Cadiboo/NoCubes/blob/2cebf4e0e61eac96ab8490d3830f35953a8e9575/src/main/java/io/github/cadiboo/nocubes/client/ClientEventSubscriber.java#L417-L424
  8. You can also use GL state and BlockRendererDispatcher#renderBlockState to achieve this probably more cleanly.
  9. You would change the texture and have the UVs remain constant.
  10. You can just change the texture based on some conditions each time you render? Overriding getEntityTexture allows you to do this. Entities are each rendered once per frame.
  11. Looking at the pixel coordinates in an image viewer and then using those values in code. And some trial + error.
  12. McJty might have. It's pretty simple, just register an EntityType for your entity in the appropriate registry event, have an entity class (a class that extends Entity) and register your renderer in the client setup event. There is an example of how to register an entity renderer in my example mod.
  13. Why not make a backup of your saves...?
  14. You can attach IntelliJ’s debugger to non-development minecraft and debug it. Eclipse might have something similar
  15. You can do this by rendering a quad to the screen in the last the render in game event. Look at GuiIngameForge
  16. Here is how I make my own config in my mod. And this is my progress on the standard config GUI (GitHub link for the source if you want to steal it)
  17. If I were you I would look at the thermal machinery code
  18. I’m currently working on reimplementing the config GUI from 1.12.2 in Forge for all mods. However, you can currently make your own config GUI from scratch by registering your own config GUI extension point on your mod loading context (on the client distribution only!)
  19. You shouldn’t use the key input event, you should use the client tick event IIRC. https://github.com/Cadiboo/NoCubes/blob/2cebf4e0e61eac96ab8490d3830f35953a8e9575/src/main/java/io/github/cadiboo/nocubes/client/ClientEventSubscriber.java#L89-L223
  20. You probably want to use hex instead of decimal for your color codes and masks. -67108864 -> 0xFC000000 -16777216 -> 0xFF000000 16579836 -> 0xFCFCFC It makes it a lot easier to understand as colours are packed 0x(AA)RRGGBBx
  21. I would look at how vanilla does it. There is probably an interface or class that breedable animals implement/extend that controls this behaviour.
  22. Don’t simply copy the vanilla code. In most cases the code is based on 10 years of patches and forge almost always provides a better modder-friendly replacement for the vanilla method of doing things. I believe that your code is not working because the crafting table container does an instanceof check to make sure that there is a crafting table at the location the container is being opened (your crafting table is not/does not extend the vanilla crafting table and therefore this check fails)
  23. You would have to color different vertices differently based on the length they are through the string to have that type of gradient. You would need extra code to store the length of the string that you’re drawing and to use that data in the render char method
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