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  1. https://github.com/RaphGamingz/randomadditions
  2. When I try to teleport to my custom dimension, it goes black and when I place something, it teleports me to the nether. There are no errors in the terminal. Does anyone know what could be creating this issue?
  3. Are you saying something like a hopper?
  4. Grade doesn't work because I tried, you can make an account and put 0s for numbers and X for text
  5. How do I make an item change into another when it is dropped into water Example. Sticks turn to coal Do I subscribe to item dropped events What other events do I need to subscribe to And how can I make it turn to another item 10 seconds later instead of straight away
  6. Shouldnt it be "examplemod":block/testglass Because your using the model in your model json And it might be because you did block.properties.glass
  7. @Krevik I did but is there a simple way to create a chunk generator?
  8. so you want an item that looks like a stick log and chicken? or do you want to be able to change it
  9. Could someone explain these functions and what i should put in it @Override public ChunkGenerator<?> createChunkGenerator() { return null; } @Override public BlockPos findSpawn(ChunkPos chunkPosIn, boolean checkValid) { return null; } @Override public BlockPos findSpawn(int posX, int posZ, boolean checkValid) { return null; } @Override public float calculateCelestialAngle(long worldTime, float partialTicks) { return 0; } @Override public boolean isSurfaceWorld() { return false; } @Override public Vec3d getFogColor(float celestialAngle, float partialTicks) { return null; } @Override public boolean canRespawnHere() { return false; } @Override public boolean doesXZShowFog(int x, int z) { return false; } and how do I add a biome to the dimension
  10. Something seems wrong, why is there I think NBTTagCompound has changed to CompoundNBT and the import for that is: import net.minecraft.nbt.CompoundNBT;
  11. Do you have an event class handler or you make one and subscribe to the event using @SubscribeEvent
  12. Are you sure this is correct, shouldn’t it be new ResourceLocation(“minecraft”,”grass”) And is the function firing?
  13. then you your not assigning a value to the tileEntity try in the constructor tileEntity = world.getTileEntity(pos);
  14. I am following this Github: https://gist.github.com/Commoble/ac7d7b57c9cbbfcae310c4ab110c3cc0 to make a dimension. I have a few questions: How do I teleport a player using the function? What do I put into the parameters? How do I get the dimensionType? Is there a simple way to make a simple ChunkGenerator that makes you spawn anywhere above ground? How do I make the dimension have a biome?
  15. How are you running the game? With terminal? Or with a launcher. You should try using terminal commands And can you post the code for the config, the error is that there is not enough data available And when does to game open up to,? The screen where it shows play or the screen where it shows the worlds. The config error comes up when you go into a world I'm pretty sure
  16. 1. Is there a way to find a specific biome in a world and print the coordinates Like printing the coordinates of a world to check if a custom biome exists 2. How do you add a block on the surface of a biome (like generating ores but on the surface) Such as putting diamond blocks on a plains biome
  17. I've watched most of it and most of it is OK, I had to make my own changes to the code.
  18. This is not an answer, but because you are using McJty's tutorial, could you please tell me if the baked models are working because mine are buggy
  19. How do i do the recipe. they are loaded with a json file automatically. Do i write a condition in the file
  20. you can make entities make particles. Try looking. In 1.14 you use this.world.addParticle();
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