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  1. post your build.gradle also, downgrade to java 8, that's the version that minecraft uses
  2. "pattern": "minecraft:block/essence_block_darkness" I don't think the minecraft namespace has block/essence_block_darkness
  3. you didn't change anything on the build.gradle? group = 'com.yourname.modid' change this to be your package name, which by the classes you posted looks to be dmd.dmd.anubis (which isn't a proper package name, you can refer to the comment in the build.gradle to see how to properly name your packages, i.e.: my package name is io.github.jvcmarcenes) archivesBaseName = 'modid' change this to be the mod id, and then change every instance of "examplemod" to be your modid after that refresh the gradle project (intelliJ should show you a symbol of an elephant with a blue reload next to it), and try runData again
  4. a git repo, usually on github but okay, the last place I can think that the error is in, is in your build.gradle, so if you could post that I can check it if the problem is not in the build.gradle than you'll need to do some research on how to get a git repo up so that you can share it here
  5. looks correct, can you post a repo so we can inspect it and try to replicate the problem?
  6. looks correct, can you post the ModBlockStateProvider and ModItemModelProvider?
  7. if the files aren't generating then I can assure you that your code isn't 100% correct
  8. that message is just the process ending, but if your files aren't generating you must be doing something wrong with the data generators, that's why I asked to see your code
  9. and how did you "debunk" this? if you think the problem is with intellij, you can run the runData command from the command prompt to be sure of that
  10. do not use @OnlyIn, there's no reason for it, it is only meant for the vanilla classes to say what classes don't exist on a distribution I'm pretty sure you need to pass your modid and the event bus to the eventBusSubscriber annotation aswell also, your issue has more to do with eclipse than forge
  11. that's definetelly not how you ask for something
  12. Forge 1.10.2 is no longer supported, please update to a modern version of minecraft to receive support
  13. this is not how you post code in the forums (or at least not anymote? perharps it once was, I wouldn't know since I'm quite new here) were NBT ever removed? I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use them the capibility system is still there, check the documentation for it: https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/datastorage/capabilities/
  14. you can use of a tile entity to hold the items and handle the ticking logic, a container just handle the inventory slots and the interface
  15. I think I understand now what you're trying to do, but correct me if I'm mistaken: you want to store a position in a nbt on an ItemStack when that Item is used, andafterwards, use of the stored values? you could store a boolean that holds the "state" of the nbt in it, in one state you would store a position, and in the other you would execute something now that you have a position. I don't know what you can do to clear the nbt when the world is reloaded however, as that's not a common behaviour to expect
  16. you should make your own threads no we need to see your code. but don't post it here, make a new thread
  17. this is the top of the post: please be clearer also, if your issue with "nbt examples" has been solved, and now you're facing a different issue, you should make new thread
  18. make your own thread, post your errors and logs there
  19. I have absolutely no clue what it is that you're trying to accomplish
  20. IIRC java 8, which is the one needed for Minecraft 1.16.5 and forge, does run on windows XP. however it no longers has official support I believe you can check this stack overflow topic to see how to get a jre 1.8 on windows xp: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44401911/window-xp-and-java-8
  21. you could simply not store the data in the first place? then there will be no data when the world loads
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