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  1. when you crash you should get an error message with a log on it in your screen. Otherwise logs are saved somewhere in the .minecraft folder. (unfortunately i don't remember where, but google is your freind for that)
  2. most modders have posts in the MODS page of the forum. If your looking for a mod to play with from forge; http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/board,30.0.html they are mostly work in progresses, but most of them are really good.
  3. "Q: When I play minecraft, a facebook page comes up. A: Yes this is an ad for my own game, it normaly opens once." you can put facebook in minecraft lol, in all seriousness i don't think people will play your game like that. Why not just put a link to it on this forum, or any popular forum of yours.
  4. I'd like that, if the screen may be too large at first . It's much easier to use Not Enough Items though. If you need help look for chicken bone's mods, he has a lot of cool stuff (at least, i beleive thats where NEI is, correct me if i'm wrong though)
  5. Very cool, but tbh i spent too much time coding to make use of it. shame Hope newer coders can make use of your API
  6. err is the Mod in Minecraft 1.6? I beleive items spinning on the floor was a feature of the 1.6 update (that or 1.5) I havent seen the video s crrect me if i'm wrong
  7. or if your lazy, just use a flint & steel to light yourself on fire .
  8. FREINDSHIP!!!!1!! ps, if you were to combine your mods it'd be more like a modpack feel. Well, depends if we get the comms going on and it turns out we have a common goal. At this point i really cant tell. A successful project cant be based on just similarities. Like i said in my reply, a joint project would require some serious communication outside the forums to get the collaboration going on. And we haven't really been able to do that. Oh i see. If the two mods are seperate and compatible, they might just complement each other, and players can imit one to their preferences. But if you were to collab, theoretically your doing the work for one mod instead of two. It would evolve much faster. Even if your goals are different, more features aren't normally a bad thing. I dunno. To be honest, i've barely touched both your mods.
  9. FREINDSHIP!!!!1!! ps, if you were to combine your mods it'd be more like a modpack feel.
  10. useful for survival, whats the difference between helmet tears. and can you turn it on/off
  11. umm if the players weren't aware of the dropped items wouldn't that cause a lot of lag over time? (unless the server resets of course)
  12. Likeabossio, do you have any mods in your mods folder that are outdated? I had that issue a when 1.6 came out
  13. can you change the toggle key in the config?
  14. sounds like fun how often do they spawn?
  15. "Than you have to make the blocks without collision and bounding box, i don't know how to do that" like an entity? it sounds like a laggy idea . It would be nice for forge color, but first we'd have to rewrite the entire forge lighting system.
  16. ooh fancy. Have you gotten a lot of user feedback for the mod?
  17. very cool. I'd love to have this mod on while streaming. Is there a way to connect to other twitch/stream channels while in your own?
  18. NujumKey

    Fading Effects

    thats probably where you want to leave things up to editing
  19. Wait, have you ever tried terrafirmacraft? they limited the chest place, and it made survival super hardcore, it was awesome. limiting the available spaces would be useful in some mods to really bring out the survival feel. I sense an UHC forge modpack in the making
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