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Use decimal numbers in a text

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Hi, can anyone help me with this?

When it does a little math and the result is 0.5 it only shows the 0.

It's converting burn ticks to how many items it can smelt.


e.getToolTip().add(new TranslatableComponent("item.morefurnace.burntime")
                    .append(("§7" + (ForgeHooks.getBurnTime(e.getItemStack(), null) / 200))));

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getBurnTime() returns an int.

100/200 = 0 for an int

cast it to a float first

((float) 100)/200 = 0.5


But you will probably want to use String.format() on the result to choose the significant digits?

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55 minutes ago, Bridging_Noob said:

ForgeHooks.getBurnTime(e.getItemStack(), null)

you need to pass in a RecipeType of which you want to get the burn time
in your case i think you want RecipeType.SMELTING

57 minutes ago, Bridging_Noob said:


do not use the color codes if they are not 100% necessary (which is not the case here)
use MutableComponent#withStyle and then the ChatFormatting color you want
if you want to reset the Style after a colored part you need to use ChatFormatting.RESET

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