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  1. You can see the latest mappings in our Discord server, where updates on the system are posted regularly: https://discord.gg/UvedJ9m
  2. You're misunderstanding the system. MCP itself is dead, we took the mappings and tweaked the format to make MCPConfig, which provides Forge's SRG->MCP names. mcpbot's purpose was to allow users to contribute to these MCPConfig mappings. Unfortunately, mcpbot is unmaintained, and with the huge amounts of technical debt acquired, plus the maintainer/creator going dark for a while, we're making a new system to replace it. That's what the Mod Mapping Management System is. It replaces mcpbot, which was designed to allow you to contribute to MCPConfig mappings. The 20200723 release is official. It is recommended. It is not from mcpbot, it was made manually, by a Forge team member. Hopefully this clears up some of your misconceptions of the system
  3. MCPBot will not be getting 1.16 mappings. We are moving to a new system. Like I said.
  4. What on earth are you talking about? What "light"? What "battery"? We need a lot more information than just an incredibly barebones vague class.
  5. It's in the advanced options of the Launcher.
  6. The Windows 10 Edition is made using the Universal Windows Platform system; it's extremely difficult to mod, compared to Java edition. As such, Forge is only developed for Java Edition.
  7. In your %APPDATA%/.minecraft/logs folder, there's a file called debug.log, and another called latest.log. Paste them both into pastebin and send us the link it generates.
  8. This is a known issue, we're looking into it. Add -Dfml.earlylaunchwindow=false to your JVM args as a workaround for now.
  9. 1.12 is not supported any more. Update to a modern version to receive support.
  10. ForgeGradle 2 and Minecraft 1.8 are not supported any more. Update to a modern version to receive support.
  11. Both of those logs indicate that no problem has occured whatsoever... I'm genuinely stumped, so i'll stand back and let someone else figure it out now that the proper information is there.
  12. You open the log, CONTROL-A to select all the text, copy the text from the log file, Then go into the large text box in pastebin, paste the log into it, Then hit "save" at the bottom, and copy-paste the new URL into here.
  13. Unfortunately, you've only told me where those files are on your computer. The forum is a little weird compared to others, which is why i asked for you to upload them to pastebin.com
  14. Query the Forge BLOCKS registry. It should have everything you need.
  15. This is why it was locked. 1.12 is not supported here. Update to receive support.
  16. I meant the config folder at the root of the installation, just above where the world folder is. If that fails, try the serverconfig folder, in the world folder.
  17. Unfortunately we can't help without the crash log information. What we have now, is like going to the doctor and saying "Doc, it hurts." You should have a latest.log and a debug.log file in the %APPDATA%/.minecraft/logs folder. Upload them to a paste site like pastebin.com, and send us the link it creates.
  18. 1.12 is not supported on this forum. Update to a modern version to receive support
  19. 1.12 is not supported. Update to receive support.
  20. Right now, we can't. All of the mappings for 1.16 are being made by hand, because the system we used to use has acquired far too much tech debt. There's a new system on the way, it's called the Mod Mapping Management System, or MMMS for short. You can keep an eye on its development here: https://github.com/ModMappings/
  21. Yes, you're using the first version of Forge for 1.15.2. Update to the latest version, for 1.15.2.
  22. This is a known issue. We're working on it.
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