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  1. Look at the eclipse workspace, it is set up properly. Would love a *fully* setup Netbeans project though!
  2. Yeah, often they do not even know that the 'mods' folder is the folder they put mods in, even when told to, you should make that explicit. Many end users are about the least intelligent people that you will find.
  3. As in he wants you to post your code here in spoilered code blocks. Or a link to a github project or whatever.
  4. Well it is 'possible' without base edits here, but a proper API would be far superior when based on Forge.
  5. You do not have something named right.
  6. You are not sending it state data?
  7. Yep, we have just been talking on IRC. I was having him go through his base edits and it seems there are ways around them all without ASM.
  8. Bees are awesome, but they are random (with percentage chances I know, but I like definite).
  9. Actually I find the FTB maps quite easy, including the hardcore version, but then I know the mods quite well.
  10. Then make an EntityItem of your wheat and add it to the world. Look at the dropBlockAsItem function to see how it is done.
  11. However the pack will fully support the MultiMC launcher, you can make your own instance definition in it to distribute. But yeah, will need to ask those other mod authors if it is okay.
  12. Forge uses ASM heavily, and I think FML does too. They are generally the prime examples of how to use it. I have seen another mod that used it too. Quite powerful, lets you change anything at load time. Basically by using ASM your mod will become a coremod instead of a mod.
  13. Forge itself is open source so you are welcome. As for the individual mods, you will need to ask their authors. Do note that FTB is making a mod pack and will have support for other maps, so if the mods that you need to use are in the FTB Mod Pack then you can just use it when it is released soon.
  14. Forge/FML packets are altered, so yes, need it on both sides.
  15. You are calling dropBlockAsItem on your CompactWheat, which will indeed drop CompactWheat at the location. Is that not what you are intending?
  16. It changed in 1.3.2, not just in Forge. Look at how the normal portal works perhaps?
  17. Base edits are now completely unsupported in forge because anything that you would have done a base edit for can either be done with reflection or with ASM in Forge, hence, no reason for base edits any longer.
  18. I think that is correct yes. Forge currently uses either a registration system or a hook system, depending on what is more appropriate. Also, get rid of your base edits, they are completely unnecessary now. And I gave you modder rank with all abilities thereof.
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