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  1. Not just for 'ores', it can be used to provide mapping of any identical 'basic' items between any mods should they choose to use it.
  2. Minecraft itself will throw an exception if 2 blocks have the same ID. Forge does not change that at all as it is quite effective. You can blame Eclipse for catching the exception.
  3. For note, that will only work in MCP, not as an actual mod.
  4. Forge is undergoing massive additions lately, it will be gotten to soon.
  5. Not a bad thought, IC2 could use it as well...
  6. Might want to speak to xcompwiz about that as he is making very useful and sweeping additions about things in this area.
  7. A mod that does base edits, regardless of how it bootstraps itself, is not an ML mod.
  8. Hmm, this is not a bad idea... Can someone do a PR for it?
  9. When key is pressed, look at player and see what their active item is, if yours then do what you need.
  10. Probably the storage minecart is the traditional way?
  11. I am not sure, but if you can find a good injection point then you can submit a Pull Request.
  12. You can corrupt the chunks that you want to regenerate using the map editing utility. When MC reloads it then it will regenerate. Make backups of course!
  13. Yes, and all that is in the readme.
  14. Near the end of the variable declarations on Entity or EntityLiving or whatever it was there is a commented variable saying that it was added by Forge for just those purposes. You can read from and write to it just like an normal NBT data.
  15. I would recommend looking at cpw's IronChests and CompactSolars mods as examples: https://github.com/cpw In essence though: GUI: You have a container on the server side, a GUI on the client side, they talk, plenty of examples in vanilla as to how, but usually it just works. TileEntities: You use the getDescriptionPacket call or whatever it was to send information to a TileEntity, you want to minimize the size and how often these occur, 'emulate' things on the client if possible, the lower network usage then the better.
  16. You can attach arbitrary NBT data to any entity, why would that not work for you?
  17. Cannot really help without the log of the crash?
  18. I do not think so as of yet, but I think it is on the roadmap.
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