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  1. NoCubes is also open source. https://github.com/Cadiboo/NoCubes However, NoCubes generates customised dynamic models for each block in a world which is probably not what you want to do. To make blocks use non-cubic models you’re going to want to use Forge’s .obj or .b3d model support (Outdated docs). If you need your model to be animated you can use Forge’s Animation API or render everything yourself with a TileEntity Renderer (can have a very large performance impact). If you go with the TileEntity Renderer approach you should load model files instead of writing your model using Minecraft’s Java model system (for resource pack compatibility & performance).
  2. Yes, spawn eggs are items. Spawn eggs require a reference to an EntityType to work. However, Items get registered before EntityTypes. This is problematic.
  3. I would look at how ItemEntities are rendered.
  4. What are you trying to do? Due to the rendering changes in 1.15, I'd recommend rewriting your rendering code and re-assessing your approach to whatever you're doing completely.
  5. Yes, you can use it to register your entity type. I'm not sure if spawn eggs will work though.
  6. You might be able to do this by using the RenderPlayerEvent and/or replacing the player's model
  7. Look at usages of the method to find out.
  8. Thats what you should do. Implementing ITickable (the interface that makes textures animate) isn't what you want.
  9. IntelliJ allows you to “search by symbol”. Example here
  10. First of all - Big fan, your MBE repo has helped me tons! Why not go directly to 1.15.2? I’m not sure what you mean by this but use your run configs instead of the gradle tasks for this exact reason. I’ve got a tutorial for setting up your workspace at https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.14.4/forge/1.1-importing-project/intellij/
  11. Can't you just subscribe to the open GUI event and replace the screen with one that overrides Screen#isPauseScreen to return false?
  12. I'm sure you can find out with a simple search...
  13. Yes. You would need to change it another way. Intercepting the item use events is probably able to achieve what you want.
  14. Client side only commands have always been a forge addition. Since mojang switched to their new command system in 1.13+, Forge hasn’t re-implemented client side commands. I hope this helps.
  15. I’ve built the GUI and I’m currently enhancing it to allow server admins to change the server config.
  16. Only in the Block class - it means "Call from BlockState, override in Block".
  17. Any reason you have both ModEntityTypes and FantasyModEntities? I would guess that your EntityType doesn't exist when you try to use it, however, since you haven't set up your repo correctly I can't clone it and debug it locally (Technically I still can but I would have to use my own configuration files (build.gradle, gradle.properties etc.) which you may have customised, so I may not get the same results as you)
  18. You set up the repository one folder too low. It needs to be in your project folder, the one above your src folder.
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