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  1. You're modifying base classes without regard for anything else. Also you have no actual "mod" thing to load. I suggest you rewrite your mod to insert your behaviour through more normal mod means.
  2. 2012-09-04 22:50:47 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Found a minecraft related directory at /Users/nazarteslenko/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar, examining for mod candidates You have minecraft exploded on your classpath somehow? That's very odd. Try running with just a standard minecraft.jar file.
  3. Your launcher is not compatible. Which one is it?
  4. I'm sorry, the mods are identified on the client, right? They work on the client, right? How do you know they're not working on the server? Just because they're not identified as present on the server? The list of mods "joined" on the server is the accepted subset intersection of server and client mods. That is how FML is designed to work. The whole list is sent for possible server side rejection but is not identified as being the "joined" list because it is discarded. The only mods "reported" as being joined, are those that FML believes are important, specifically, KNOWN mods present on both client and server - they are the only mods that can control acceptance or rejection of the connection, so they're the only ones that are relevant. The 1.2.5 argument is specious, because 1.2.5 handled mod handshaking differently (it was not handled by FML). Name one server side mod in your list that is actually an FML or proper server side modloader mod, please? Then I'll take this bug report seriously. At the moment your complaint seems to be that server side superior enchanting may or may not work. Which quite honestly I'm tempted to consider "not a bug" because of the way it has to load itself on the server, and the lack of proof that it actually ISN'T working. (Stack traces? errors? anything else?)
  5. None of those are FML mods. They will not be "negotiated" because there's nothing to negotiate. Superior enchanting works by replacing containerworkbench and containerenchant on the server side directly. It may or may not do it's own handshaking the first time one of those is accessed. I'm not sure what you're expecting to see here? None of these is a standard FML/ML server side mod. None of them will participate in that handshake because they can't. They may or may not actually work - I'm betting none of them is particularly compatible with anything we do in forge, but who knows. If they don't work, that's because they're not designed to live in a multi mod client and server environment. I can make efforts to provide ML compatibility, probably beyond the scope of ML compatibility somewhat. But I can't work miracles and make code that's not even designed for FML/ML/server side work there.
  6. There is something odd about faithful, 32x and FML, but only on some machines. I wish I could narrow down what it was. Optifine will work though...
  7. I have no idea what you're doing there. Are there any mods that are actually supposed to work server side in that list? Is superior enchanting a modloader mod for the server? How is that supposed to work?
  8. It is a ModLoaderMP mod. He needs to stop being a ModLoaderMP mod.
  9. Thanks. These mods are whackamoles of bad programming practice. I'm amazed they work at all. However, I think I have them fixed now.
  10. Yeah, no, not yet. It's going to take some time. We're just about ready on the vanilla side now. Bukkit work has commenced but it'll be a few days before it even *compiles*
  11. I personally use magic launcher to manage the 30 or so different minecrafts I have for testing various things like mod compatibility...
  12. Thanks, yes I understand the problem now. It's with the cutemodels part which I could not find. Anyway, I know how to fix it, but it's really horrible code and should be revisited...
  13. Yes, that's what I do too. I think he likes doing things differently...
  14. FYI TMI works fine with forge/FML.. though NEI is out now and much better
  15. Try setting the system property FML.mod states to a semi colon separated list of modid:true/false, or write the same to config/fmlStates.properties (one mod per line there)
  16. Please explain your issue without long winded rants. If you have one. FML does not load "random" files - it is searching for specific things. That Mac is dumbarse needs to be accommodated in that search. Any other bugs?
  17. The mods folder is easy: it's a defacto standard and has been for some time. I'm not going to change it. I may make it configurable. As for the rest of that? Holy wtf batman. That's like. Fine, if you really want to have 100 minecraft servers in overlapping folders, go ahead. The worlds will be incompatible with each other so your saves generally won't work from one minecraftserver jar to the next, but that's your choice I suppose. Your scheme really doesn't address the idea of trying to get very hands off from the jar at all does it? The idea is that at some point the *only* change that goes into the jar is an alternative main() implementation. It's still a way away but it'll happen. Or you'll be in modapi world where all bets are off again and this time you won't have a sympathetic (relatively) ear, you'll have wall of silence from mojang. The reason we try and keep out of the jar is simple: less change in the jar is better. We *can* do things like authenticating the jar. We have two kinds of mod types now: ones that are "normal" and ones that are "special" coremods- they get access to the ASM bytecode layer so they can make basecode changes without changing the basecode! They're handled by loading differently. And they're deliberately designed so i can drop a key in and force authentication of the things if the need arises. Your arguments are from an old school world that is sadly fading away. If you wish to, for now you can merge everything into your jar file. Don't expect that to keep working for long though. And coremods *have* to be separate, already. They are designed never to work from the jar. Finally, on those .class things- i'll have to add a special "mac is stupid and creates artifacts" filter. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  18. He's registering the entity in a Tick event! that's madness right there... Quite frankly I'm tempted not to fix it because it's so crazy...
  19. You have installed ModLoader and Forge. Reinstall JUST forge.
  20. Hello Well, I cannot for the life of me make this problem occur on any linux install I own or create. I have no idea how you got java to run in such a barebones environment. I am attaching an experimental FML build to this post for you to merge into a minecraft_server.jar and report back success or failure. If this works, I'll push and merge it to generate a forge build. If not, I need to know how to build your environment... Note: just merge and start this up. Do not do anything else. it's not going to work with forge as it stands...
  21. 1. Shipping a stack of libs that may change over time, but are generally static, inside the jar would have made a 1meg download 4megs. EVERY update. We do lots of those. So an on demand system was created. It lets us update without having to tell you to get x,y,z all the time and deal with that. If that displeases you, I'm sorry. It's how it's going to be. Minecraft is a pretty online game. It's a fairly safe assumption that you're online. If you're not, you can grab the resources and copy them into place yourself. The downloads are easily accessible, both one at a time and as a bundle: http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/fml_libs.zip 2. What are you talking about? It looks like your mac has made a nice mess of the FML/forge distributable. Use something other than mac zip. It's crap. 3. Mostly they're not a problem and can be ignored. Merging lots of mods into the jar though: that's just a recipe for disaster and we strongly discourage that now. DON'T do it. The mods folder is there for a reason, USE IT. Also, some mods will NOT work inside the Jar at all any more. It may well come to pass that I completely disable this kind of modloading. It's needless and a nuisance. If you want to "manage" things, use a launcher: magic launcher and multimc both work well.
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