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    • Dear Forge Community,   I have an idea for a mod which implementation is a bit invasive and I have only c++ experience yet so I've came here to ask this question. (I know I should not program MC mods without java experience but in my opinion the seek for knowledge should not be refused under any circumstances and I'm turning to you guys hoping you would not reject it either.)   The base idea is to implement heat and heat exchange and add this mechanic to the vanilla blocks of minecraft. My idea is to only calculate a blocks init heat if It's heat transfer rate is far enough from 0 in any direction. This would allow me to calculate efficiently and would not require me to store a new unsigned short for every block. Also I'm planning to use air as a block group with same heat unit at init. At least yet.   The question is. I need to mixin into the chung generation in order to catch the event block generated event and inject my code before return but I can not find any good documentation about this topic and I also can not find the block generated event function which I need to overwrite. Can you help me out with this? Every help is appreciated since I'm learning modding and java.
    • The debug.log file in the logs folder.
    • Hello There! If you guys are on Bedrock Minecraft and you need a guide for the treasure hunt look no further! Today I recorded all the locations for the treasure hunt for this month and it was honestly fairly easier than the last month! I really hope this helps you guys and if it did please consider subscribing and liking the video while you are at it!  
    • where are the correct logs found at?
    • You can still alter the .sh / .bat file.
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