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  1. I don't release a new update every time I fix a bug, I aim to fix *all* the issues before releasing a new update. And seriously, don't spam the github issues. It gets annoying.
  2. Ya, ok, ForgeCore is broken. Post an issue on github! Follow the instructions in the OP. I can't help you unless you give me a log.
  3. I'm fairly certain I made it clear. If it says coremod, put it in coremods. If it doesn't, put it in mods. NO jarmods here!
  4. But, as it happens, you can't read. It's a known bug, use the issues tracker on github next time!
  5. You can check to see if the ev.source is the right DamageSource. Then cancel it if it is.
  6. 1. Delete mcp/eclipse 2 copy mcp/forge/fml/eclipse to mcp/eclipse.
  7. Try running it in a folder which doesn't have any umlauts.
  8. API doesn't mean 'big-and-clunky-pile-of-code' - it's an Application Programming Interface (or something), the code is mostly just forge wrapper code. Also, the point is to use Forge's event system, which allows for less hassle, and less messing with code.
  9. EntityDamageEvent, and if the conditions are right (it's a player, etc), cancel it.
  10. keepcalm

    Guava 13

    It will break tons of mods. MINOR updates are generally for bug fixes, MAJOR updates == major breakage. Especially for forge and FML.
  11. Should probably add this to the OP, but for now: In eclipse, click on the arrow next to the 'run' button, click on 'run configurations', and then select which setup you're using to test (Server or Client). Choose the second tab from the left, and in 'java arguments' add this: -Dfml.coreMods.load=keepcalm.mods.blockbreak.asm.BlockBreakLoadingPlugin And about the sided-ness, I think it's server-side, it adds the call to ItemInWorldManager. And, @blindahl, can I suggest using mystcraft? Since you're moving to forge anyway? But I'll see how MV works with Bukkit4Vanilla, I need to test the world code
  12. You need to close any text editors, etc, you have looking at MC's source, if that doesn't work, start afresh in a new folder.
  13. No it doesn't. You can copy minecraft.jar from one computer to another (regardless of OS), and it will work.
  14. It's a problem with something audio related, update forge and check for mod updates.
  15. Go and look on the wiki. On the bar at the top, second from the left. Pretty hard to miss.
  16. They're completely normal, you can ignore them.
  17. Delete the folder 'moding/eclipse' and then copy 'moding/forge/fml/eclipse' into 'moding'.
  18. You could look at buildcraft's way of doing it.
  19. Bukkit4Vanilla is a mod which puts bukkit plugins on vanilla, so I figured it would be nice if I could add data to a crash report. Any ideas how I can? Edit: ICrashCallable is the answer.
  20. ForgeEssentials might interest you, the file you download is a coremod, if you have any problems you'll want to either report an issue, or go onto #forgeessentials on irc.esper.net - it's beta, thought.
  21. Can you post mcp.log and mcp-err.log in the logs folder? (spoilers are your friend )
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